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8VSB8-Level Vestigial Sideband (US ATSC broadcast standard)
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We are approaching theoretical limits of the 8VSB demodulation standard thanks to our unique implementation," said Rich Citta, chief scientist of Micronas Semiconductors, Inc.
offers an HD launch package of gear, including en 8VSB receiver it resells, a QAM modulator and upconverter.
To wit, they can buy an high-definition TV set and (assuming broadcasters iron out those pesky 8VSB transmission problems) get their must-see TV live, 24 hours a day, from over-the-air broadcasting sources.
E[acute accent]--Supports digital HDTV: ATSC, 8VSB, in all 18 ATSC video formats.
It will feature a number of new digital technologies including, the new system-on-a-chip media processor from Sigma Design, and the latest high performance 8VSB DTV demodulator from ATI.
The Xilleon 240 TV-On-Chip includes a powerful MIPS(R) CPU (central processing unit), a Digital Front End capable of demodulating and decoding 8VSB for ATSC terrestrial broadcasts or 64/256 QAM for digital cable (including a Forward Data Channel demodulator for OpenCable applications), an HD/SD capable MPEG video and audio decoder, an NTSC video decoder featuring a 3D comb filter, a video scaler and deinterlacer, and other image processing features.
Based on Microtune's analog/digital MT2121 tuner, the POD NIM is also compatible with the FCC's Digital Cable Ready (DCR) mandate, supporting 8VSB, 64/256 QAM, analog NTSC, and QPSK signals.
Acterna, the leader in test and management solutions for consumer and business broadband communications, announced today that its DTS product line now includes interfaces for both the COFDM and 8VSB modulations that are required in the European and North American digital terrestrial television (DTTV) standards.
The DTS-330 and DTS-200 are able to support several different combinations of inputs and outputs, such as QPSK, ASI, full bandwidth GigE, SMPTE-310, DHEI, QAM, COFDM and 8VSB.