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9V9-Volt (battery)
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You'll be out here all day with that wimpy 9-volt job.
ASI reminds its policyholders to replace the 9-volt batteries as a way to promote fire safety and remind folks to maintain working detectors.
Featuring state-of-the-art lithium battery technology which offers a significantly longer shelf life, the Rayovac lithium 9-volt battery is for use in ionization smoke detectors.
The MultiPro alarm has no on/off switch, operates on a single 9-volt battery (included), connects to the nurse call system, and is replacement guaranteed for one year.
Powered by one 9-volt battery, the monitor provides up to 1,500 hours of use and is shipped ready-to-use, complete with oxygen sensor, coiled cable, retaining strap, tee adapter, and battery.
It runs off a 9-volt battery (supplied), with tiny red light flashing every 45 seconds to tell you the unit is working.
The device is powered by a 9-volt battery, is lightweight, small and completely portable for remote site use.
5-ounce light shines up to 1,200 hours on a 9-volt lithium battery and can be stored in every room.
Power is supplied by an easily connected 9-volt battery.
Measuring 14" x 9", it mounts easily to a wall, or can lie flat in drawers and refrigerators while holding almost 50 batteries of all sizes--including 9-volt and button cell.
The battery will come in AAA, AA, 9-volt and C and D formats, and was in response to the growing use of "high-drain" appliances, it said.
They combined those with a small liquid crystal display and a 9-volt battery, ending up with a palm-size device that costs about $45.