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9V9-Volt (battery)
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Seized from Hataman were a piece of electric blasting cap, a 9-volt battery, a 40mm ammunition, a projectile 766mm protruding wire, a hand held radio, four cellular phones, two laptops, and a sling bag.
Recovered from Ibrahim's house were two hand grenades, 10 9-volt batteries, a bag filled with ammonium nitrate, a timer, wires with alligator clips, concrete nails and two blasting caps.
Bring your single use non-rechargeable batteries (sizes AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt) to the battery recycling exhibit during the Green Living Expo at McHenry County College on Saturday, Nov.
A bench headed by Justice Ranjan Gogoi refused to recall its order while hearing Perarivalan's plea, who supplied two 9-volt batteries used in the explosive device that killed Gandhi at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu on May 21, 1991.
He is charged with providing a 9-volt battery for the explosive device to assassination conspirator Sivarasan.
This completed the circuit and, as long as you'd remembered to install the fiddly 9-volt battery properly, you were ready to play along to the record that came with the set.
The chronograph runs on one 9-volt battery and the battery compartment has room for a spare (if you don't turn off the Chrono before storage the battery will run down).
Last month, the undercover employee asked Hester to obtain 9-volt batteries, duct tape, copper wire and roofing nails, in the hopes of using the materials to create a bomb.
Kids ages 9 and older will learn how to turn an old LED flashlight into an Energy Drink Tester using aluminum foil and electrical tape; mix cornstarch and water to make Non-Newtonian Goo; use a 9-volt battery and thumbtacks to break water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen; create edible Sweet Crystals from a saturated sugar solution; construct your own Three-Penny Battery from galvanized washers, pennies, vinegar, and scrap cardboard; and so much more!
I was always stumped about what to do with partially depleted, 9-volt smoke detector batteries.
Battery powered, the piezo-electric beeper runs on a single 9-volt battery and pings at 90 decibels (when powered by an alkaline battery, the unit will run for 20 hours; a lithium battery provides 100 hours of power).
The finished project easily fits into a standard pillar candle (4" diameter or larger) or lantern and runs off a standard 9-volt battery.