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ANEAncient Near East
ANEAnnals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology (journal; Wiley)
ANEAsia and Near East
ANEA Necessary Evil (gaming guild)
ANEAmmonium Nitrate Emulsion
ANEAntioch University New England (Keene, NH)
ANEAutomotive News Europe
ANEAbuse, Neglect and Exploitation (abuse prevention)
ANEAntes de Nuestra Era (Spanish)
ANEAncient Nackered Engineer (online gaming clan)
ANEAir New England
ANEAnarchy 'n' Explosives
ANEActeur Non Etatique (French: Non State Actor; EU)
ANEAssociação Nacional das Empresárias (Portuguese: National Association of Entrepreneurs)
ANEAcuerdo Nacional Sobre Empleo (Spanish: National Employment Agreement)
ANEAdvanced Network Engineering (various locations)
ANEAcción Nacional Española (Spanish: Spanish National Action; political group)
ANEAnything 'n' Everything
ANEAnti-Noob Establishment (gaming clan)
ANEAsamblea Nacional Española (Spanish)
ANEAudible Nasal Emission (speech distortion)
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But while villains may be a necessary evil, you cannot advance the cause of goodness by becoming a villain yourself.
As little more than a necessary evil, tolerated only because of fears of the dark side (antiselection, material misrepresentation, fraud) of human nature.
The fatal flaw in A Necessary Evil is that Wills treats history not primarily as an enterprise for unearthing the truth but as a weapon to pummel his contemporary intellectual and political opponents.