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ANATOA Night At the Opera (Queen album)
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Soprano Sarah Helsby-Hughes returns to the Peacock Lounge after an electrifying performance in A Night at the Opera at the venue in October.
This week, the Madinat Theatre goes all out with a four-day performance of 'A Night at the Opera', sure to satiate music lovers with a yearning for soaring sopranos and arias.A The performance is something of a 'best of' compilation, taking the listener on a journey through some of the most famous moments of operas.
XMAS CHEER: A night at The Opera, above, is well worth it
The audience for the inaugural Le nozze di Figaro (60 years ago to the day when the same opera opened the old Glyndebourne), may care to recall John Evelyn's description of a night at the opera in Venice in 1645 -- `This night, having with my Lady Bruce taken our places before, we went to the Opera, where comedies and other plays are represented in recitative music, by the most excellent musicians, vocal and instrumental, with variety of scenes painted and contrived with no less art of perspective, and machines for flying through the air and other wonderful notion's: taken together, it is one of the most magnificent and expensive diversions the wit of man can imagine'.[3]