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In other words, a positive D score indicated a sense of belonging to the countryside and a negative D score indicated a sense of belonging to cities.
In other words, the participants tended to have a sense of belonging to the countryside rather than a sense of belonging to cities with regard to the explicit aspect of sense of belonging.
Results also suggested that a sense of belonging to the community mediated the relation between sexual orientation and depression, such that self-identifying as gay was associated with a lessened sense of belonging that, in turn, was associated with higher levels of depression.
In summary, a sense of belonging is an important predictor of mental health.
But I used the word "home" because TEI continues to be defined by a sense of belonging that may not be present in other organizations.
Family members are instrumental in helping a biracial child feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.
Promoting and teaching communication skills school-wide and within the family may help these individuals involved in the workshops increase their self-awareness regarding issues related to biracial youth, which may, in turn, foster a sense of belonging for the biracial youth.
If they feel they belong to a culture that breeds loyalty, knowledge and a sense of belonging - and that they're part of that fabric - they will be much more willing to contribute.
Twenty years ago, the Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention Administration in the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare identified those relevant needs as: a sense of competence, a sense of usefulness, a sense of belonging, and a sense of power or potency.
David: Soul is best defined in terms of belonging; without a sense of belonging, human beings can't make sense of their world or what they are doing in that world.
Groups provide a sense of belonging that helps reduce social isolation that can arise from disability.
This research examined whether a sense of belonging in the community and sexual orientation were associated with depression among men.