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YGYomiuri Giants (Japanese baseball team)
YGYou Guys
YGYellow Green
YGYouth Group
YGYottagram (mass measurement)
YGYoung Gentleman
YGYankee Group
YGYear Group
YGYoung Green (youth division of the Green Party)
YGYou're Gorgeous
YGYoung Gangsta
YGGarbage Lighter (Self-Propelled)
YGYoung Gunner
YGLand-Based Radio Homing Beacon (US Navy)
YGYaw Gyrocompassing
YGDistrict Lighter, Garbage, (US Navy)
YGYayasan Galatea
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But why do experts find it impossible to differentiate between a sense of humour and a sense of fun?
It turns out that if that older man has a sense of humour, this feeling is even more highlighted.
TO HAVE a sense of humour is considered to be a good thing - a very good thing even.
Forsyth said: "We used to have a sense of humour about this.
Having a sense of humour is particularly important at the moment when everyday life is fraught with financial concerns.
Roberts has argued that a sense of humour can be a moral virtue.
HOW refreshing to see a TV star with a sense of humour.
WHERE would we be without a sense of humour? It seems to me that most Scousers are born with a sense of humour despite what ``woolly-backs'' say; namely that: ``you have to have a sense of humour to live on Merseyside!'' I believe that most of the greatest comics have come from Merseyside and still do.
If there's anyone who's got a sense of humour it's Huw.
Staff members confronted repeatedly by argumentative, impossible-to-satisfy customers need a sense of humour to survive from 9 am to 5 pm.
Yet after being told "Fergie was right" about their supporters - who claimed their previous home games had been like a funeral - for the whole first half, they suddenly found their humour valves and hit back at the Toon Army with "Fergie, Fergie - give us a song", so maybe underneath all of that smugness and sarcasm they have a sense of humour after all!
Golfers hole out on Coober Pedy's unique putting surface; TEE HEE: Golfers play on the barren course, which has not a single blade of grass - but does appear to have a greenkeeper with a sense of humour