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ATJTA Traveling Jewish Theatre (San Francisco, CA)
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IN 1978, WHEN COREY FISCHER, ALBERT GREEN-berg and Naomi Newman founded A Traveling Jewish Theatre in Los Angeles, Newman says they were positively "unambitious, except in an artistic sense." nest never expected the enthusiastic response they elicited--a response that would propel them through three decades of theatremaking in San Francisco, where the company' would relocate in 1982.
One writer influenced by Newman is Sarah Felder, whose emotional and humorous monologues detailing life as a lesbian Jew have been championed by A Traveling Jewish Theatre. Felder is devout, but she's not afraid to do battle with the religion's more intolerant viewpoints.
A Traveling Jewish Theatre's Corey Fischer said, "Just hearing other people's stories, how they've survived, was so important.
Back in 1986, when A Traveling Jewish Theatre first began work on a play about the doomed love affair between exiled Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky and Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, the world was a somewhat different place.
A Traveling Jewish Theatre's recent center-produced, four-day run of a work-in-progress in the Forum attracted the small San Francisco ensemble's regular audience plus many more.