A-26Douglas Invader Light Bomber (WW II, Korea, Vietnam)
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General George Kenney commanding Allied Air Forces South West Pacific Area did not mince his words: We do not want the A-26 under any circumstances as a replacement for anything.
Graham, a former B-52 navigator-bombardier, and a former A-26 navigator and co-pilot who flew 182 combat missions during the Vietnam War, tells readers the incredible true story of the Nimrods, whose courageous, nighttime dive-bombing attacks in Steel Tiger, Barrel Roll and along the Ho Chi Minh Trail made up an important part of U.
Even simple landings in the A-26, Uyehara said, were heart-stopping when seen from the glass nose.
But the author also mentions flights of RF-80A, RF-84F, P2V-3W, RP-29, RB-50E, RB-17, A-26, RC-97, RC-118, RC-121, and RC-130 aircraft as well.
Other ``war birds'' that filled the skies included the TBM Avenger torpedo bomber, F4U Corsair fighter, the Hawker Scafury fighter, A-26 Invader bomber and the Trojan T-28 trainer.
This every-other-year plan is defeated by the further limitation contained in A-26 of Notice 87-16, which provides that, when contributions to a discretionary profit-sharing plan for two plan years are made in one calendar year, the contributions for the later plan year are deemed to be made in the next tax year.
Tenders are invited for Improvement of water supply by replacement of old CI 100 mm dia water line from A-26 to C-49, C-49 to C-28, C-49 to C-29 and C-28 to B-63 at Fateh Nagar Ward No.
They all sharply resemble the A-20 Havoc (Douglas), or maybe the A-26 Invader: I believe all of those pictured in the magazine are A-20s.
Many aircraft on display or performing will be those from the World War II era, including the P-51 Mustang fighter, TBM Avenger torpedo bomber, F4U Corsair fighter, the Hawker Scafury fighter, A-26 Invader bomber and the Trojan T-28 trainer.
7 million classes A-1, through A-26, X, PO and A-R certificates (senior certificates) 'AAA';
7) Pilot Wayne Downing, right, and his A-26 Invader crewmates count the holes left by enemy flak in April 1945.
Among the millions of dollars in assets are fixed wing aircraft (including Lockheed C130As, Boeing KC-97s, Consolidated PB-4Ys, Fairchild C119s, a Fairchild C82 and a Fairchild F27, one Lockheed L-18, one Douglas A-26, and a Cessna T210, a Cessna 310 and a Cessna 340A), rotor-wing aircraft (including Bell Helicopter models 206 and UH-1B, a Kaman M43 and a Lama SA315B), and assorted aerial firefighting and ground support equipment such as fuel trucks, maintenance equipment and retardant tanks.