A-26Douglas Invader Light Bomber (WW II, Korea, Vietnam)
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General George Kenney commanding Allied Air Forces South West Pacific Area did not mince his words: We do not want the A-26 under any circumstances as a replacement for anything.' The USAF was still using the A-26 in Vietnam two decades later.
WWII and modern military aircraft displays and flyovers, including P-51 Mustang, C-54 Skymaster, B-25 Mitchell, C-46 Commando, C-47 Skytrain, FWP-149D utility plane, A-26 Invader, and T-6 Texan trainer.
Even simple landings in the A-26, Uyehara said, were heart-stopping when seen from the glass nose.
Backed by intelligence provided by a powerful surveillance network and muscle from the Embraer A-26 Super Tucano, the film portrays Brazil air force and intelligence services leading a Latin American offensive on drug traffickers doubling as marauding terrorists.
It was that his squadron-hopping unit helped put powerful Douglas A-26 Invaders in the hands of crews who could use them against the Nazis.
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But the author also mentions flights of RF-80A, RF-84F, P2V-3W, RP-29, RB-50E, RB-17, A-26, RC-97, RC-118, RC-121, and RC-130 aircraft as well.
This every-other-year plan is defeated by the further limitation contained in A-26 of Notice 87-16, which provides that, when contributions to a discretionary profit-sharing plan for two plan years are made in one calendar year, the contributions for the later plan year are deemed to be made in the next tax year.
For me, it was my dad, a wartime Douglas A-26 Invader mechanic and crewman in Europe.
They all sharply resemble the A-20 Havoc (Douglas), or maybe the A-26 Invader: I believe all of those pictured in the magazine are A-20s.
During the war, my dad was part of a team that moved from squadron to squadron in the Ninth Army Air Force in England and then France, training ground and flight crews to maintain and operate new Douglas A-26 Invaders.