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A-4Douglas Sky Hawk Attack Bomber (Vietnam)
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If the pool doesn't reach 10% pool factor by the A-4 maturity date, or Navient does not choose to exercise their option to purchase the remaining pool at 10% pool factor, then the notes are expected to default.
With Rampant Raider, Gray offers a simple, yet powerful first-hand account of flying the A-4 in combat.
OIRA laid out its version of CEA requirements in Circular A-4, and said its analytical process had to be used for any proposed regulation estimated to have an annual effect on the economy of $100 million or more.
In addition to Princess-77, A-4 was also used as a parent of the [F.sub.1] hybrid SWI-11 (other experimental designation: FMC-66).
Note how A-6 comes in from the sideline to touch the center circle and join A-4 and A-5 on defense.
Under Fitch's stressed cash flow assumptions, loss coverage for the class A-4, B, and C notes are able to support multiples in excess of 5.0x consistent with 'AAAsf'; and loss coverage for the class D notes supports a multiple in excess of 3.0x, consistent with 'Asf'.
Overall, Brad Elward has done a good job in telling the Skyhawk's story, and I highly recommend his book to any A-4 buff.
For 2008-4, as a result of the projected event of default (EOD) for the class A-4 notes under the base cases, class B suffers an interest shortfall, as all class B interest post-EOD is diverted to pay class A principal.
These classes are backed by four underlying bonds in four transactions, three of which are rated by Fitch: Banc of America Commercial Mortgage Trust 2007-3 class A-4, COBALT CMBS Commercial Mortgage Trust 2007-C3 class A-4, Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust 2007-C33 class A-4 (not rated by Fitch) and Wachovia Bank Commercial Mortgage Trust 2007-C30 class A-4.