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A-7LTV Corsair II Attack Bomber (Vietnam)
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2 -- color) Bob Murphy prepares the cockpit of a Navy A-7 for display at the Palmdale air park.
3) Volunteer Dick Sinclair refurbishes the wheel well of a Navy A-7, preparing it for the Plant 42 Heritage Airpark.
Since the series A-7 and A-8 debentures allow for 10-year deferral, claims may be extinguished in respect of interest accrued during as many as eight years.
Pioneer has notified the Trust that, by letter dated December 13, 2006, Newfield informed Pioneer and Woodside that production ceased on the Brazos B-1 well located on Brazos Area Block A-7 Lease on June 22, 2006, that Newfield has no further plans to continue production on the lease and that it was allowing the lease to expire on December 19, 2006.
The class A-7 reset-rate notes are structured to have a soft bullet payment at the first remarketing date.
Class A-7 downgraded to 'CCC' from 'B' and assigned 'DR3';
Wonish, president and COO, commented, "Based on the limited flow time data from the well test, we are quite pleased with the A-7 well.
Credit enhancement for the 'AAA' classes A-1 through A-7 certificates reflects the certificate insurance policies issued by MBIA Insurance Corp.