A-76OMB Circular No. A-76 (Revised Supplemental Handbook Performance of Commercial Activities)
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As the largest federal agency, DOD has conducted more A-76 competitions than any other federal agency.
The A-76 cost comparison study, more commonly referred to as the Performance Work Statement (PWS), was the contract proposal the government issued stating the work they would perform and the cost for performing that work.
Trump's protest arose from the Navy's decision to award a contract for operations and maintenance services for communications satellite systems to Rome Research Corporation (Rome Corp.) following an A-76 competition.
The training illustrates best practices and lessons learned across the government and provides an educational tool for stakeholders in this phase of A-76 competitions.
The A-76 process requires government organizations to look at the services provided, processes in place and associated costs in a businesslike manner.
version of the A-76 Circular that contained several important
Gasoline (A-72, A-76), wholesale per ton: 227,500 soums, $234.27, $214.62, and/or $225.99.
Senior leaders from DLA and the Navy met to present briefings on performance updates, Navy support initiatives, and topics such as A-76 and business systems modernization.
Following the release in April 2002 of the Commercial Activities Panel's report with its 10 "sourcing principles," OMB issued a draft of major revisions proposed for Circular A-76 (which defines the practices and processes federal agencies must follow 'to determine whether commercial activities will be performed by public or private sector sources').
A-76 (Revised) on the air--but his straightforward, no-frills approach has resonated with feds.
5, 2003, an $8,244,759 cost-plus-award-fee contract for an OMB A-76 cost comparison study of engineering and information management services.