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A-BAir-Britain (UK-based aviation historical society)
A-BResearch Centre Applied Biocatalysis (Graz, Austria)
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"The A-B board decided that rather than look for a new CEO, opted for a merger partner and chose us," said Rauch.
The countersuit by MLB Properties centers on the brewing giant keeping MLB as A-B's top, number one sports property in the U.S.
* A-B's unparalleled knowledge of the beer consumer.
Christon noted that a new Coke bottler agreement echoes A-B's Equity Agreement.
Roarty was seen as a pioneering sports marketer, broadening A-B's sports sponsorships and sports-focused campaigns.
A-B has probably not done itself any favors by keeping process changes so opaque.
If A-B has become disenchanted with its ad agencies, the ad agencies may return the sentiment, as AdWeek staff writer Andrew McMains implies.
"A team of dedicated employees has been engineering this project for more than two years to get to this point," said Rick Wohlfarth, GM of A-B's Houston brewery.
Lachky, former A-B chief creative officer, actually weighed in on this year's Super Bowl spots in the St.
Carlos Brito, the CEO of A-B Inbev, could receive options valued about $158 million.
That's the jist of MLB's countersuit against Anheuser-Busch, after the brewer sued Major League Baseball last month for failing to honor a letter of intent to continue A-B's baseball sponsorship.
The court denied A-B InBev's petition "to remedy the unconstitutionality of Illinois system by extending the self-distribution privilege to out-of-state brewers," since the court said that "would be more disruptive to the existing statutory and regulatory scheme than the alternative remedy of withdrawing the self-distribution privilege from in-state brewers." [Though some small in-state brewers might disagree].