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A-BAir-Britain (UK-based aviation historical society)
A-BResearch Centre Applied Biocatalysis (Graz, Austria)
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Seven business days after the meeting between MLB's execs and Peacock A-B announced a lucrative deal with the NFL to make Bud Light the Official Beer of the NFL, bumping Coors Light from that position.
A-B also can do customized research for customers, analyzing such critical factors as what attracts shoppers to the store, which shelf set is more effective, and so forth.
It's critical for our shareholders to understand that despite the revenue impact of losing our supply relationship with A-B, the net contribution impact was negligible.
The independent distribution platform for beer and soft drinks is an extremely valuable asset for franchisors, which A-B and Coke will preserve and protect .
A-B has probably not done itself any favors by keeping process changes so opaque.
The project represents a $40 million investment by A-B in the plant.
Though A-B's Bud Light ad "Dog Sitter" tied for first place in USA Today's annual Super Bowl Ad Meter, advertising professionals generally panned the A-B Super Bowl spots this year.
As noted in the financial press this week, once A-B Inbev reduces its ratio of debt to 2.
In its filing this week, Major League Baseball Properties claims it backed out of the sponsorship letter-of-intent because the brewer withheld "the material fact that A-B was about to sign a promotional rights agreement with the National Football League that would make it impossible for Major League Baseball to be A-B's top, number one sports property in the U.
The court denied A-B InBev's petition "to remedy the unconstitutionality of Illinois system by extending the self-distribution privilege to out-of-state brewers," since the court said that "would be more disruptive to the existing statutory and regulatory scheme than the alternative remedy of withdrawing the self-distribution privilege from in-state brewers.
A-B responded with a statement from company president Dave Peacock.
In a new report published by Marin, the group criticizes rapid DOJ approval of the A-B InBev and Miller Coors mergers, and warns of potential adverse public health consequences and damage to the three-tier system.