A-IGeneral Audiences (Catholic movie rating)
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Liu, who goes to the post office at the same times that Chen A-i does.
When Chen A-i held her husband's hand at the hospital bed after the first time of chemotherapy, she asked him, "How are you feeling?" and he whispered back, "Wo i dian pah."
Yesterday Chen A-i saw her husband in Xiao-su's face.
Xiao-su will often mah his son--Chen A-i's nephew--for not taking care of her, but he doesn't truly understand.
After the fractionation of plasma by HP-SEC, the apo A-I concentration in 0.5 mL of each fraction was determined by two-step sandwich ELISA as reported previously (15).
Plasma and lipid-poor apo A-I fractionated by HP-SEC were subjected to two-dimensional agarose--polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis according to the method of Castro and Fielding (4).
Purified human apo A-I (used as a calibrator) and diluted sample plasmas were added to each well of a 96-well plate coated with a monoclonal antibody to pre-[beta]-HDL.
Changes in HDL and apo A-I levels were more significant among patients whose arthritis responded more effectively to the drugs than among patients whose arthritis did not respond as well.
Patients who achieved a 20% improvement in their condition, based on American College of Rheumatology standardized criteria, had mean apo A-I levels that rose from 132.9 to 165.4 mg/dL and mean HDL levels that increased from 41.1 to 49.5 mg/dL.
Patients who didn't achieve that 20% benchmark wound up with apo A-I levels at a mean of 136.5 mg/dL and HDL levels at 41.7 mg/dL.