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A-IIAdults and Adolescents (Catholic movie rating)
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In general, barley accessions possessing the A-II type [3-amylase were six-rowed, long rachilla hair, East type brittleness, and a significant part of A-II accessions were intermediate or winter type.
Nearly 90% of accessions were of the A-II type in East Asia including Japan, Korean peninsular, and China.
Fibrates increase human apolipoprotein A-II expression through activation of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor.
But examination of the aortas of the transgenic mice revealed that this buildup occurred despite high HDL, implying that apoplipoprotein A-II may do real harm in addition to interfering with apolipoprotein A-I's good work, says Lusis.
The observed increase in APO A-II in CSF of brain tumor patients might be the result of protein leakage from the blood to the CSF attributable to a disrupted blood-brain barrier.
0001) correlated with the peak intensities of the 2 protein peaks in the m/z 17 000 APO A-II protein cluster in our SELDI experiments (Fig.
Classes A-I, A-II, A-III, A-IV, A-V, A-IO, A-PO, R-1 & R-II affirmed at 'AAA'.
E[acute accent]-- Classes A-I-A1, A-I-A2, A-I-A3, A-I-B1, A-I-B2 and A-II affirmed at 'AAA';