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A-IIAdults and Adolescents (Catholic movie rating)
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The APPV project, started in 2017 and funded by a PhD grant from Moredun Scientific Ltd, aims to characterise the virus's relationship with CT type A-II by investigating the development of disease and how the virus interacts with the host.
This test has been used to study individual field cases of APPV associated CT type A-II on UK farms with the aim of establishing active surveillance of the virus in UK herds and improve ways to manage the disease on-farm.
Subject to: (2(a)), (3(a-i)), (3(a-ii)), (4(a)), (5(a-i)), (5(a-ii)), (6(a-i)), (6(a-ii)), (7(a)), (8(a)), (9(a)), (10(a)), (8(b)), (9(b)), (10(b)).
(2)-(7), (10), (2(a)), (3(a-i)), (3(a-ii)), (4(a)), (5(a-i)),(5(a-ii)), (6(a-i)), (6(a-ii)), (7(a))-(10(a)), (2(b))-(10(b)).
[1] Nonstandard abbreviations: apoA-II, apolipoprotein A-II; LURIC, Ludwigshafen Risk and Cardiovascular Health; HR, hazard ratio.
By combination of these three thermostability types and three IEF patterns, theoretically there could be nine possible kinds [beta]-amylase phenotypes (A-I, A-Ia, A-II, B-I, B-Ia, B-II, C-I, C-Ia, and C-II).
In general, barley accessions possessing the A-II type [3-amylase were six-rowed, long rachilla hair, East type brittleness, and a significant part of A-II accessions were intermediate or winter type.
Fibrates increase human apolipoprotein A-II expression through activation of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor.
But examination of the aortas of the transgenic mice revealed that this buildup occurred despite high HDL, implying that apoplipoprotein A-II may do real harm in addition to interfering with apolipoprotein A-I's good work, says Lusis.
Subsequent peptide mass fingerprinting (ProFound) after tryptic digestion of the passive elution from band 7 gave a significant hit (Z = 2.39) for APO A-II (sequence coverage, 88%).