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Dillon had five of her points in the third quarter to help whittle away what was once an eight-point lead for A-J.
Environmentalists and other critics are wary of cutting A-J any slack for fear they would set a precedent.
"There is a fear factor that maybe the science is going to say that this is an OK application for A-J, but we don't want to open it up for anyone else," Stone laments.
With an estimated $77 million boost to the regional economy - including $20 million in payroll (400 jobs) and $18 million in taxes and royalties to the Juneau municipality - A-J has some strong support in the city.
A-J quarterback Connor Jerolds rushed 16 times for an even 100 yards and completed just 2 of 7 passes, but both were for touchdowns -- a 28-yarder to Morrison and a 21-yard score to Tyler Smith.
(A-J) ran the same play four straight times and I would have too if I were in the situation where it was working like that.
By contrast, the Kensington, which operated sporadically from 1887 to 1938, has proceeded more quietly than the A-J in its environmental review process.
Although the A-J has received more public attention than the Kensington, the Juneau Planning Commission, charged with approving or denying the mine permits for the two projects, could actually decide the fate of the Kensington's permit before the A-J's, says Murray Walsh, director of the city-borough Community Development Department.
"We're going to have to produce a fairly monstrous report of our own on the A-J after the final environmental impact statement comes out," Walsh says.
The A-J is unlikely to be in production before winter 1993.
The deposit is higher in arsenic than the A-J, prompting more concerns about its effect on water quality because of runoff from its tailing impoundment.
"The Kensington has been helped by the A-J. The larger project has attracted all the attention and the Kensington has kind of sailed along in its shadow," says the borough's Walsh.