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Clough says that situation would change drastically if A-J and Kensington succeed.
Abacus Minerals' Todoruk is unabashedly bullish - with or without A-J and Kensington - at least for his company's Prince of Wales Island holdings.
That means the nine-member commission could make its final decision on the A-J permit in January or February.
The only way to mine it is to take it all," says Anthony Williams, chief of underground operations at the A-J.
There is no doubt that Juneau would see changes if the A-J reopens.
Based on current gold prices and gold reserve estimates, the city-borough's royalty share as part landowner of the A-J property could exceed $34 million.
Alliance for Juneau's Future is a 500-member group that supports economic diversification in Juneau and strongly supports the A-J project.
A decision on the A-J project is still months away.
Since February, the planning commission has met at noon each Thursday to review various aspects of the A-J project, with presentations by local organizations both opposed and for the mine's reopening.
Echo Bay already has spent about $33 million on developing the A-J proposal.
Although the proposed mine has not received the same amount of public attention as has the A-J, there are concerns of the mine's potential impact on Lynn Canal Fisheries.
The industry's employment would rise above the 1,000 mark, making mining Juneau's largest non-governmental employer, should the A-J and Kensington proceed, while it would rise above the 900 mark if the A-J and the proposed Jualin mines proceed.