A-PAnterior and Posterior
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Cattrysse et al calculated the mean value of A-P diameter of right and left inferior articular facet 17.0 [+ or -] 1.8 and 16.6 [+ or -] 1.6 mm respectively in Belgian population.
Calculated mean value for A-P diameter of vertebral canal was observed 16.48 [+ or -] 1.12 mm.
Mean value for A-P diameter of inferior articular facet of axis was calculated 9.13 [+ or -] 1.62 and 9.03 [+ or -] 1.67 mm for right and left side respectively.
The same also applied to those balance tasks in which SSS had been changed in the a-p direction.
To a certain extent, these findings contradict those who reported on the mutually independent a-p and m-l COP movements, which could point to the independence among ankle-, hip- or load/unload balance strategies (Winter, 1995; Winter et al., 2003).
The maximum oscillation amplitude, both in m-l and a-p directions, increased in accordance with the reduction in SSS.
However, in the same way as with all the COP distance parameters, the frequency likewise increases in both the m-l, as well as the a-p directions.
Thus, this patient, who had correctly taken A-P tablets with food and did not vomit, showed correct plasma drug concentration on day 3 but did not show clearance of A-P-susceptible parasites on day 28, although he was asymptomatic.
However, proguanil likely does not act by itself in A-P association but only facilitates the atovaquone activity (14).
We know of only 1 other reported case of A-P treatment failure not associated with cytochrome b mutations and not related to incorrect dosage or impaired bioavailability (15).
Most previously reported A-P therapeutic failures were late failures: patients sought care or parasitemia was detected >3 weeks after first day of treatment in 13 of 21 cases (2-5, 7-9,15).