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A-RAttention Span-Restlessness
A-RAlcohol and Repeated Performance
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A-R Editions has also partnered with Donahue Group Inc.
Credit enhancement (CE) of 40.0% and 36.5% for class A-R and B-1-R notes, respectively, in addition to excess spread, is sufficient to protect against portfolio default and recovery rate projections in an 'AAAsf' stress scenario.
Many of these pieces have previously appeared in print versions of A-R series, and while information about the series is on the bottom of each score's first page (when relevant), this information is not available when browsing the database, nor is this searchable information.
Spreads over 3-month LIBOR on the class A-R, B-R, C-R, and D-R notes were reduced to 0.97%, 1.50%, 2.00%, and 2.95%, respectively, from 1.40%, 1.98%, 2.70%, and 3.40%.
And this would not be as hard to do as it once was for an A-R edition.
The Stable Outlook on the class A-R notes reflects the expectation that these notes have a sufficient level of credit protection to withstand potential deterioration in the credit quality of the portfolio in stress scenarios commensurate with such class's rating.
Issuers rated in the 'B' rating category denote a highly speculative credit quality; however, in Fitch's opinion, class A-R notes are unlikely to be affected by the foreseeable level of defaults.