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A-TAtaxia Telangiectasia (form of muscular weakness)
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When both members of a couple carry the A-T mutated (ATM) gene, their children have a one in four chance of having the disease.
Efforts to develop a treatment for A-T and to learn more about how cancer develops will also benefit from the gene discovery, scientists say.
This acquisition is consistent with our strategy to continue to offer our customers more engineered and automation products, as well as, highly regarded brand name valve products like the Triac line produced by A-T Controls," said David Turner, President and CEO, W&O Supply.
Brad Mueller, President of A-T Controls said, "We strongly believe that this relationship is not only a win-win situation for both companies, but most importantly results in better services for the markets we jointly serve.
Francisco's aunt, Cory Wood, had been saving aluminum cans to raise money for the A-T Children's Project, and now has gone a step further, organizing a walk Saturday to benefit the charity.
For a $15 donation, participants will be provided an A-T Walk for a Cure '98 T-shirt and food.
Women who underwent diagnostic medical procedures that involved low doses of X-rays -- such as mammograms, chest X-rays and gastrointestinal imaging -- more than five years earlier than the study's beginning faced six times the risk of breast cancer seen in other potential female carriers of the A-T gene.
Swift says his team's results show that medical X-rays boost the susceptibility to cancer of all carriers of the A-T gene.
Trend Trader, LLC is pleased to offer the A-T Attitude service FREE, or at a minimal cost, to active traders using TORS software who are also A-T Attitude for the Internet subscribers.
Traders who open a brokerage account with Trend Trader, LLC and complete a minimum of six (6) equity trades per month, and have subscribed during that month to A-T Financial's Minor Attitude for the Internet, will have their trading account credited the $75 basic cost of the service.
A consortium of doctors announced in June that its members not only had isolated the A-T gene, but gained new insight on hereditary cancer.
When children like Rebecca inherit the defective gene from both parents, they have a one-in-four chance of developing A-T (the Smiths' other child, Matthew, 13, doesn't have the disease).