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A-VSBAdvanced Vestigial Side-Band
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the leader in the delivery of mobile content and services, today revealed that it will be participating in and providing interactive capabilities for the consumer trials also announced today by the A-VSB Initiative.
A-VSB is a proposed open standard and backward-compatible enhancement of the existing U.
The SFN tool leverages the core elements in A-VSB to easily and effectively enable multiple synchronized transmitters to work together to provide an improved quality of service (a benefit of being digital).
A-VSB technology builds on the current ATSC transmission standard to enhance the ability of receivers to display television broadcasts while in motion, both indoors and outdoors.
A-VSB Initiative member companies include Samsung Electronics, MobiTV, Nokia Siemens Networks, Rohde & Schwarz and SES AMERICOM's IP-PRIME[R]
In A-VSB trial markets, Samsung's partner, Rohde & Schwarz, will provide transmission equipment based on the A-VSB in-band mobile digital television system, and Samsung will provide A-VSB consumer devices.
A-VSB is currently being considered by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) as an open standard for mobile broadcast TV.
Senior executives of these companies will announce and answer questions about a new collaboration related to mobile TV services in the United States utilizing local broadcast TV spectrum and Samsung's A-VSB mobile broadcast TV technology.
Samsung demonstrated live real-time broadcasting to a handheld device for the first time last year at CES 2007 and is demonstrating improved A-VSB performance at CES 2008.
Broadcasters' requirements are clear, and Samsung and Rohde & Schwarz are confident A-VSB is the only system to meet the broadcasters' requirements.
At NAB 2007, Samsung will not only demonstrate an A-VSB mode with twice the efficiency (using half the broadcasting bandwidth) compared to Samsung's previous demonstration in January, but will also demonstrate the power of A-VSB's Single Frequency Network (SFN) tool for the first time.
A-VSB is a technology proposed to ATSC (the Advanced Television Systems Committee which approves broadcast standards) that improves current TV signal reception performance and also allows the broadcast signal to be clearly received by both mobile and stationary television devices.