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dB(A)A-Weighted Decibel
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In all cases, the elbow has an overall detrimental effect on the noise levels, having an overall A-weighted decibel difference of up to 5 dB at peak efficiency for both 100% and 70% tip speeds.
The overall A-weighted decibel difference for the area ratios is less than 2 dB, such that the overall effect is negligible.
The acoustic influence of the wall at 0.25D for the 610-mm (24-in) diameter fan increased the overall A-weighted decibel level by as much as 6 dB and by as much as 8 dBA for the 914-mm (36-in) diameter fan.
The term dBA stands for "A-weighted decibels, a scale that takes into account that the human ear has different sensitivities to different frequency levels," he said.
The average of the eight measurements will then be published in A-weighted decibels, or dB(A).
Dosimeter readings peaked in the morning at 113 A-weighted decibels (which gauge sound as perceived by the human ear), roughly equivalent to a chainsaw or jackhammer.
Each mode of traffic noise consisted of eight different noise events played back at five sound pressure levels ranging from 45 to 65 A-weighted decibels for a total of 40 noise events.
Conducted in a Taiwan adhesive factory, the study included three male study groups: 58 workers exposed only to noise (an average of 85 A-weighted decibels), 58 workers exposed to both toluene and noise, and 58 administrative workers.
Noise causes acute mechanical damage to hair cells of the cochlea in the inner ear when the short-term sound intensity or peak impulse noise levels are very high {[L.sub.AF] (A-weighted sound pressure level) > 120 dB; [L.sub.Cpk] (C-weighted peak sound pressure level) > 135 A-weighted decibels [dB(A)]}.