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A-BAir-Britain (UK-based aviation historical society)
A-BResearch Centre Applied Biocatalysis (Graz, Austria)
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Currently, A-B is the official sponsor of all but 4 of MLB's 30 clubs.
After the Memorial Day sales period, Miller said that A-B had out-executed it in securing discount programs with retailers, under-estimating both the depth and breadth of A-B's cuts.
It's critical for our shareholders to understand that despite the revenue impact of losing our supply relationship with A-B, the net contribution impact was negligible.
The independent distribution platform for beer and soft drinks is an extremely valuable asset for franchisors, which A-B and Coke will preserve and protect .
As a major user of packaging material and other products, A-B takes seriously its responsibility to be environmentally conscious, particularly in minimizing the impact our operations have on the environment.
A-B has probably not done itself any favors by keeping process changes so opaque.
According to a report in AdWeek, former Miller agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky fielded a "beer is good" campaign that underwhelmed A-B execs, while DDB generated a "Bud Light just right" effort that also failed to get the nod.
The move followed the resignation of another A-B executive, Andrew Goeler.
In October 2009, Katz had filed a petition against A-B in the Circuit Court of the City of St.
Longhorn supplies approximately 90 percent of the A-B Houston brewery's requirements for the standard 12 oz.
Though A-B's Bud Light ad "Dog Sitter" tied for first place in USA Today's annual Super Bowl Ad Meter, advertising professionals generally panned the A-B Super Bowl spots this year.
As noted in the financial press this week, once A-B Inbev reduces its ratio of debt to 2.