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A-BOMBAtomic Bomb
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Sadako Sasaki was only two years of age when Hiroshima was hit by the A-bomb. When she turned nine, she developed leukemia.
"The A-bomb was dropped at 8:00 am on August 6, 1945 at an altitude of 9,470 meters and was set to explode at 600 meters.
Shinichi loved his tricycle and on the morning of A-bomb drop, he was riding it in front of his house.
Photos of A-bomb victims were censored for seven years.
And if the Japanese were crazily intransigent, we could have simply dropped another A-bomb, closer to Tokyo or in a low-population area.
''I want him to pledge nuclear abolition in front of the cenotaph for A-bomb victims,'' said Akihiro Takahashi, 78, former chief of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, adding that he wants to know how the president would feel after visiting the museum and hearing the victims' voices.
Accordingly, Alperovitz raises a series of questions: Why did Truman have to make the decision to use an A-bomb against Japan in early August?
"After the usual moans 'why us again' we were preparing for the journey to America when, fortunately for us, the A-bomb was used.
As a result, A-bomb survivors have tended to keep their history a secret.
A feature story on A-bomb exhibition, headlined, ''Atomic Testing Museum in Nevada welcomes A-bomb exhibition,'' and sent earlier, is accompanied by three photos, which are available via e-mail.
The same holds true for the new Doinker A-Bomb series of stabilizers from Leven Industries.
is about to deploy a new generation of weapons which discharge light-wave energy: a revolution which holds even more potential impact than the a-bomb. Directed energy's science, testing, and military plans are surveyed by a leading expert in directed energy research, who uses simple language to answer basic questions about these weapons, their technology, and their effects.