A-CLASSAdvocates for Communities Learning Aquatic Safety Skills
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RAWALPINDI -- Counsel for Brigadier Ali Khan has requested for A-Class prison for his client in view of his health condition.
Whatever the shortcomings that plagued the A-Class when it was first launched as Mercedes' contender in the small car scene, the newcomer is everything a medium-sized hatch should be.
There are no such concerns with the new A-Class, as I discovered putting it through its paces on a test track.
AMG models tend to be beefed-up, higher-performance versions of their vanilla Mercedes-Benz cousins, and the choice to give the AMG treatment to the A-class is reminiscent of the Abarth version of the Fiat 500.
7m sold worldwide - over 125,000 in the UK - the A-Class might be small but it''s a big number in showrooms.
And best of all the parking system will cost you just pounds 100 more than on the outgoing A-Class fitted with parking sensors.
They are A-class office property players-real estate giants.
The A-Class is a much-improved replacement for the original whilst the B-Class is a completely new addition to the Mercedes line-up.
DaimlerChrysler noted that a total of 60 Mercedes-Benz A-Class "F-Cells" are expected to be delivered to customers in Germany, Japan, Singapore and the U.
Well, at a mere 11ft 8in long the A-Class is a midget with a radical design that separates passengers and mechanicals courtesy of a sandwich floor extending the length of the car.
The A-Class car toppled over while moving along a steep curve during a test drive Oct.
The luxury-car company initially denied there was a problem with the Mercedes A-Class, which last month marked its first foray into the compact market.