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AWAll Weather
AWAddison Wesley (publisher)
AWAny Way
AWAlien Ware (computers)
AWAnchor (Well) Site West
AWAirlift Wing
AWAnother World
AWAdvance Wars (game)
AWAir Wing
AWAbove Water
AWAllstar Weekend (band)
AWA-Wing (Star Wars fighter)
AWAir Warfare
AWAfter War (Gundam X animated series)
AWActual Weight
AWAir Warrior
AWArchitektur + Wettbewerbe (German: Architecture + Competitions; trade magazine)
AWAstral Weeks (Van Morrison album)
AWAir Warning
AWActive Well
AWAcid Waste
AWAdvice Wanted
AWAss Wipe
AWAddress Word
AWAdministrative Weight
AWAndrée Watters
AWAcoustic Warfare
AWAlbright & Wilson
AWAuxiliary Winding (voltage regulation)
AWAdmission Weight (Cisco)
AWA. A. Weinman (designer's mark on US coins)
AWAlpha Whiskey
AWAssymetric Warfare (US Army)
AWArchimedes World (magazine)
AWAcroWizard (Anvil Logic, Inc.)
AWAssam Watch (UK human rights group)
AWAirborne Antisubmarine Warfare
AWAkela's World (BSA)
AWAuthentication Word
AWAntagonist Wing (The Wrath of the Empire)
AW(USN Rating) Aviation Antisubmarine Warfare Operator
AWArea Wedge (golfing)
AWAmphibious Warfare/All Weather
AWWater Distilling or Storage Ship
AWArchitectutral Window (Americal Architectural Manufacturers Association rating)
AWAnti-Wear (hydraulic oil, additives)
AWAttention Whore
AWAnalytic Workspace
AWArrogant Worms (band)
AWGap Wedge (golf club)
AWApproach Wedge (golf)
AWAssociate Warden (prisons)
AWAntiair Warfare
AWAllied Waste Industries (stock symbol; Phoenix, AZ)
AWAuction Watch (auction-tool site)
AWAmerican Wood (timber facility)
AWAnchor Winch
AWAll Welcome
AWAntwort (German: Answer)
AWAtomic Wedgie
AWArsene Wenger (soccer player)
AWArc Welding
AWArctic Warfare
AWAmerican Woods
AWAmerican Whitewater (Cullowhee, NC)
AWArticle of War
AWAnswer Wizard
AWAtomic Weight
AWAttack Warning
AWAutomatic Weapons
AWAviation Warfare Systems Operator (USN rating)
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The rear bumper houses a black diffuser insert with a black trim strip that mirrors the design of the front A-wing.
The lower trim element in silver shadow is reminiscent of the A-wing at the front and provides an effective contrast.
Mr Owen Williams told the jury that within minutes of trouble breaking out A-wing was secured with extra padlocks and chains.
Kana Ervin is our other low attack, but I can also put her at A-wing, too, because she's got speed and her defense is pretty good," Banas continued.
The jury concluded that putting Anne-Marie, a juvenile, on the prison's A-wing, the most difWcult wing in the adult part of the jail, was "inappropriate".
It is hard not to feel you are staying somewhere completely out-of-the-ordinary whether residing on A-wing, C-wing or in the House of Corrections.
Barry Craig Alderson has applied to be moved from A-wing at the prison to a jail nearer his home city of Birmingham.
Star Wars Rogue Squadron lets you take on the bad ol' Galactic Empire's forces on the ground and in the air in your X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing or V-Wing fighter, or on a snowspeeder.
They took me off quarantine and put me on A-wing [the maximum security wing], and I cried.
Throughout X-Wing Alliance players can pilot a variety of familiar and never-before-seen, newly optimized craft, including the Millennium Falcon and Corellian transport ships, the X-wing, A-wing, B-wing, Y-wing and Z-95.
This year, seven new LEGO Star Wars sets join the LEGO portfolio, including: V-wing Fighter(TM), A-wing Fighter(TM), TIE Interceptor(TM), B-wing Fighter(TM), Slave I(TM), Jabba the Hutt's Sail Barge(TM) and Imperial Star Destroyer(TM).