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A1RA1 Adenosine Receptor
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Here, we mentioned the association between some symptoms of thyroid pathologies, with the enzymes responsible for the maintenance of ATP and adenosine levels, as well as with the A1 adenosine receptors. This relationship may, in some way, help us understand many of the effects observed in these pathologies.
Our study aimed to measure the A1 adenosine receptor occupancy with in vivo imaging," he said.
"The present study provides evidence that typical caffeine doses result in a high A1 adenosine receptor occupancy and supports the view that the A1 adenosine receptor deserves broader attention in the context of neurodegenerative disorders," he said.
According to the new study, PET imaging with F-18-8-cyclopentyl-3-(3-fluoropropyl)-1-propylxanthine (F-18-CPFPX) shows that repeated intake of caffeinated beverages throughout a day results in up to 50 percent occupancy of the brain's A1 adenosine receptors.
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