A1ADAlpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (aka AAT deficiency)
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Some reports suggest evaluating for BA-mimicking conditions such as A1AD, PFIC3, and cystic fibrosis (2).
For example, shortness of breath in A1AD emphysema often begins in early middle age when many individuals are facing the developmental tasks of generativity (aiding the development of the younger generations) versus stagnation (investing only in oneself) (Erikson, 1963), and families are launching their children or have just finished this process.
It's called alpha-1-antitrysin deficiency (A1AD), and it's one reason for the intense interest in Dolly the sheep.
And one small group of people have a genetic condition called Alpha 1 Antitryps in Deficiency (A1AD), which means their bodies don't produce enough of a protein that protects the lungs from damage.
Pauline has alpha 1-antitrypsin defiency (A1AD) and relies on oxygen cylinders to help her breathe.