A1ARAlpha-1 Adrenergic Receptor
A1ARligand-A1 Adenosine Receptor
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The human A1AR is palmitoylated at the C-terminal cysteine residue Cys309, and the palmitoylation level is not influenced by the agonist stimulation [118].
Indeed, the stimulation of a-adrenoreceptors (a1AR) is predominantly associated with immunostimulatory effects on immune cells, for example, IL-1[beta] secretion by human monocytes and macrophages [91], which at-tributes to many chronic inflammatory disease states [92].
Glioma-induced MMP-2 activity in microglia could be significantly decreased by the A1AR (an adenosine receptor subtype, found on microglia and neurons) [194], which might explain the fact that adenosine treatment leads to decreased extracellular protease activity and thereby exerts its inhibitory effects on glioma invasion.