A1BGAlpha-1 Brain Globulin
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Genes in Genes in the Percentage Fold our analysis FunRich of genes enrichment database Exosomal 37 2001 72.54 5.26 proteins A1BG, ACTA1, ACTA2, ACTB, ACTBL2, ACTC1, ACTG1, ACTG2, ALB, AMBP, APOA1, APOD, AZGP1, B2M, CDH1, CLU, CP, CRNN, DCTN2, EGF, HP, HPR, HSPB1, ITIH4, KNG1, LAMA3, LMAN2, POTEE, POTEF, POTEI, S100A8, SERPINA1, SERPING1, TF, TTR, UMOD, and VASN.
Song et al., "Proteomic analysis identifies MMP-9, DJ-1 and A1BG as overexpressed proteins in pancreatic juice from pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma patients," BMC Cancer, vol.