A1RA1 Adenosine Receptor
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There are just nine instances of A1R <ae> ~ <a>, involving class IV verbs and nouns (cwelan "kill" ~ cwalu "killing"), adjectives (gestelan "to steal" ~ gestala "accessory in theft"), verbs (gestelan "to steal" ~ stalian "to go stealthily") and class VI verbs that alternate with nouns like stappan "to step" ~ stapela "post." The variant <e> ~ <ea> of alternation A3R relates class IV strong verbs to nouns, as in beran "to bear" ~ bearn "child." The variant <ie> ~ <ea> of alternation A3R occurs with class IV, V and VI verbs, which alternate exclusively with nouns: scieran "to shear" ~ scear "ploughshare," ofergietan "to forget" ~ ofergeatu "oblivion," hliehhan "to laugh" ~ hleahtor "laughter." All in all, alternation A3R presents fourteen instances.
A1R: Adenosine A1 receptor CNS: Central nervous system CPP: Conditioned place preference CRP: C-reactive protein DA: Dopamine EA: Electroacupuncture ECD: Electrochemical detector HPLC: High-performance liquid chromatography IL-1[beta]: Interleukin-1 beta IL-6: Interleukin-6 MAO: Monoamine oxidase METH: Methamphetamine NAc: Nucleus accumbens TH: Tyrosine hydroxylase VTA: Ventral tegmental area.
The first (A1R) is not suited to a kitchen where rapid temperature rises might be caused simply by opening an oven door.
The sections were then observed under a Nikon A1R Spectral Confocal Microscope (Nikon, Kanagawa, Japan).
Hyperspectral Microscopy: A Nikon A1R hyperspectral confocal microscope was used to acquire the hyperspectral images.
When 3 Henry VI (1587-92), Richard III (1591-97), and Richard II (1595-97) were first published in quarto or octavo format, they were described as tragedies rather than histories on their title-pages: "The true Tragedie of Richard Duke of Yorke, and the death of good King Henrie the Sixt" (3 Henry VIO1 [1595], A1r); "THE TRAGEDY OF King Richard the third" (Richard III Q1 [1597], A1r); "THE Tragedie of King Richard the second" (Richard II Q1 [1597], A1r).
The genetic diversity was evaluated using REP-PCR primers: Rep1R-I (5' III ICG ICG ICA TCI GGC 3') and Rep2-I (5'ICG ICT TAT CIG GCC TAC-3'), ERIC-PCR primers: ERIC 1R (5' ATG TAA GCT CCT GGG GAT TCA C 3') and ERIC 2 (5' AAG TAA GTG ACT GGG GTG AGC G 3'), and BOX A1R primer (5' CTA CGG CAA GGC GAC GCT GAC G 3') [20-22].
According to Braithwait, although far from the court in London, Wentworth continued to function as a model of virtue which as "the greatest Signal and Symbol of Gentry: is rather expressed by goodness of Person, than greatness of Place" (preface, A1r).
2; Golding terms it 'unthankfulness', Concerning Benefyting, sig A1r.