A2AAccess to Archives (UK)
A2AApplication to Application
A2AAthens-to-Atlanta (in-line skating event; Georgia)
A2AAir-To-Air (weapon)
A2AAirline to Airline
A2AAshes to Ashes (TV series)
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GE (NYSE:GE) and A2A Group (A2A) announced on Tuesday that GE's Operations Optimisation software suite has been installed at the Chivasso power plant in Northern Italy after the facility was reopened in November 2015, following GE's hardware and software upgrades.
Like P2P payments, A2A transfers are commonly initiated through the consumer's Internet banking service, a biller's payment website, or telephone instruction from the consumer.
By stimulating A2A receptors, adenosine stops T-cells within the immune system from proliferating and reduces their ability to destroy cancer cells.
Muller and her colleagues developed an A2A antagonist in ultrapure and water-soluble form (designated MSX-3).
With the sale, the two cities aim to raise some fresh funds that will be used for development as the country's government had trimmed local council budgets, Reuters reported, adding that the vendors will own 50% plus two shares in A2A after the divestment.
A2A has been developed to support young carers, children in care and young people leaving care.
A2A expects to raise its profit margins in 2012 compared with 2011 and post a profit this year following a 2011 loss after write-downs connected with the Edison sale and Edipower reorganisation.
A2A is jointly owned by the cities of Milan and Brescia which hold a 27.
A2A recently designed a control room intended to support 19 operator workstations, however, the IT staff noticed that the new systems caused a significant increase in both noise and temperature levels, in addition to attracting a considerable amount of dirt.
green light for the merger between Italian gas retail supply company A2A Spa
Renault-Nissan Alliance, a joint venture of Renault SA (EURONEXT: RNO) and Nissan Motor Company (NASDAQ: NSNAY) (TYO: 7201), has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with A2A, an Italy-based energy company which is the main electricity supplier in Lombardy.
Umberto Quadrino also said a 10 percent stake of Edison itself could be sold, confirming speculation that the company, jointly controlled by A2A and France's EDF, could be reorganized.