A2BAccess to Birmingham (scholarship program; est. 2000; University of Birmingham; UK)
A2BAccess to Business (educational program)
A2BAverage to Benchmark
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Tinosorb A2B protects the skin against UV wavelengths ranging from 290 to 340 nanometers, thereby being t he first of a new generation of finely-ground (micronized) UV filters: It complements conventional oil-soluble UV filters by closing the current gap between UVA and UVB absorbers, thus enabling a balanced protection across the entire spectrum of solar UV radiation.
A2B will provide various e-Bikes to daily cyclists in each city ready to ride through the country and accompany our official A2B rider to break the 1,912 miles Guinness World Records Title for the longest journey on an electric bike.
The company sold about 8,000-9,000 A2B electric pedelac units over 22 countries including UK, US, Germany and Canada in 2012.
The Fast4ward Edge is a folding bike which offers the choice of using throttle and cruise power or to pedal, while the A2B Hybrid 24 has a sensor that detects the amount of pedalling and applies power in tune with that pace.
A2B Plastics Ltd was established in 1958 and provides plastic injection moulding.
Patrick Minne, chief executive of A2B, said: "Each year at least pounds 52million in benefit remains unclaimed in Northern Ireland by those who need it most.
A2B lecturer Steven Poole said: "Learners continue to thoroughly enjoy the practical part of the course.
The A2B team want to make sure that hirers get their money's worth.
Now through June, Ultra Motor will be at events, corporations, and universities in select neighborhoods encouraging consumers to experience the exhilaration of riding an A2B, the state-of-the-art electric bike that is changing the way consumers think about short trips.
A2B Heli is a part of A2B Aero Group expansion and includes a team of five dedicated OEM factory trained certifying staff with experience on a wide range of Eurocopter, Bell, Agusta and Sikorsky models.
Following the recent purchase of Ultra Motor USA by HeroEco, A2B is using its superior capabilities to support dealers at the point-of-sale and enhance its after sales service.