A2C2Army Airspace Command and Control
A2C2Army Airborne Command & Control
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A2C2 then sought to redevelop the land for residential use.
A2C2 is about engaging youth to use their unique voices to create compelling media content across different platforms about climate change issues.
Parameter Set value Fault type LG: A1N, A2N, B1N, B2N, C1N, and C2N LL: A1B1, A2B2, B1C1, B2C2, A1C1, and A2C2 LLG: A1B1N, A2B2N, B1C1N, B2C2N, A1C1N, and A2C2N LLL: A1B1C1, A2B2C2 Fault location 1, 10, 20, 30, ...,80,and90KM ([L.sub.f] in KM) Fault inception angle 0[degrees] and 90[degrees] ([[PHI].sub.i]) Fault resistance 0, 50 and 100 H ([R.sub.f]) Prefault power flow 45[degrees] angle ([[delta].sub.s]) Table 3: Comparison of ANN models for FDL.
As an example of why legacy A2C2 procedures are not adequate for tomorrow's battlespace, the 4th Infantry Division (4 ID) saw the need to change from older ways of C2 to a near-real-time coordination during their recent deployment to Baghdad for OIF.
Key: FSE, fire support element; TACP, tactical air control party; A2C2, Army airspace command and control; GLO, ground liaison officer; FAC(A), forward air controller (airborne); ABCCC, airborne command and control center; BCE, battlefield coordination center (Army); ASOC, air support operations center; CRC, control and reporting center (USAF mobile C3 radar threat warning, battle management, theater missile defense, etc.); CRE, control reporting element.
DISCUSSION: This would provide an organic SBCT compatible Army Airborne Command & Control & Air Defense Area planning capability within the DB, and would ensure gaining headquarters would not have to modify their existing A2C2 architecture and/or procedures required to interface with SBCT.
During the AC training, the parameters were the same as described for the AB training, except that the compound stimuli were A1C1, A2C2 ("related" compounds) and A1C2, A2C1 ("unrelated" compounds).
O bloco de teste era composto por 24 tentativas: nove tentativas de relacoes BC e nove tentativas de relacoes CB, mescladas com tentativas de linha de base: tres relacoes AB (A1B1, A2B2, A3B3) e tres AC (A1C1, A2C2, A3C3).
For example, after training A1-B1-C1, A2-B2-C2 and A3-B3-C3, in the presence sample A1B1 participants choose A2C2 as comparison instead of A3B2 (equivalence-equivalence), while in the presence of A2C3 they choose A3B2 (non-equivalence-non-equivalence).
Due to Army airspace command and control (A2C2) challenges that limit the flight time and range of Raven unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), troop Ravens were not counted as assets.