A2C2Army Airspace Command and Control
A2C2Army Airborne Command & Control
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Table 1 Stimuli Presented in Each of the Phases in Experiment 1 TRAINING Phase 1 Phase 2 Simple successive Repeated reversal training discrimination training Correct Incorrect Correct [left and Incorrect right arrow] A1 A2 A2 [left and A1 right arrow] B1 B2 B2 [left and B1 right arrow] C1 C2 C2 [left and C1 right arrow] TEST Phase 3 Phase 4 BA/CB emergent AC/CA emergent relations test relations test Correct Incorrect Correct Incorrect B1A1 B1A2 A1C1 A1C2 B2A2 B2AI A2C2 A2C1 C1B1 C1B2 C1A1 C1A2 C2B2 C2B1 C2A2 C2A1 Table 2 Percentage and Number of Correct Responses in Each Session During Training and Testing Phases in Experiment 1 Participant Phase C T Simple successive 57.
The business-to-business media company publishes Controlled Environments Magazine (formerly A2C2 Magazine), Animal Lab News, ALN e-mag, and Forensic Magazine.
A2C2 proposes a practical framework to overcome those three difficulties, linking the theory of dynamical systems and statistics.
The trial types involved in tests for symmetry were B1A1, B2A2, B3A3, C1B1, C2B2, and C3B3; for transitivity, A1C1, A2C2, and A3C3; and for equivalence, CIAI, C2A2, and C3A3.
The BAE provides an imbedded 24-hour operational capability to plan and coordinate aviation operations, UAVS (unmanned aerial vehicle systems) operations and A2C2 throughout the BCT's area of responsibility.
The recommended method for establishing unit A2C2 procedures that accommodate the Raven SUAV is to form an A2C2 working group.
C3B3 D1C1, D2C2, D3C3, E1D1, E2D2, E3D3 1 Node trials A1C1, A2C2, A3C3, C1A1, C2A2, C3A3, B1D1, B2D2, B3D3, D1B1, 0 54 D2B2, D3B3, C1E1, C2E2, C3E3, E1C1, E2C2, E3C3, 2 Node trials A1D1, A2D2, A3D3, D1A1, 0 36 D2A2, D3A3, B1E1, B2E2, B3E3, E1B1, E2B2, E3B3 3 Node trials A1E1, A2E2, A3E3, E1AI.
Controlled Environments Magazine (formerly A2C2 Magazine) is distributed to more than 25,000 contamination control professionals - engineers, technicians, and engineering support personnel who are working on the front lines of clean manufacturing in Life Sciences, Microelectronics and other advanced applications.
Table 1 Compound Stimuli Presented in Each Experimental Phase Phase Phase 1: Baseline Training Phase 2: Symmetry Tests OTM MTO OTM MTO Related Not Related Not Related Not Related Not Related Related Related Related A1B1 A1B2 A1C1 A1C2 B1A1 B2A1 C1A1 C1A2 A2B2 A2B1 A2C2 A2C1 B2A2 B1A2 C2A2 C2A1 A1C1 A1C2 B1C1 B1C2 C1A1 C2A1 C1B1 C1B2 A2C2 A2C1 B2C2 B2C1 C2A2 C1A2 C2B2 C2B1 Phase 3: Equivalence Tests Related Related Not Related Not OTM MTO Related Related A1B1 B1C1 B1C2 A1B1 A1B2 A2B2 B2C2 B2C1 A2B2 A2B1 A1C1 C1B1 C1B2 B1A1 B1A2 A2C2 C2B2 C2B1 B2A2 B2A1
A1C1, A2C2, A3C3, and A4C4) with the A stimuli as the samples and the C stimuli as the correct comparisons, the remaining eight participants, referred to as learners, were exposed to modified MTS trials in which responses of the learners were reinforced or punished not by the responses of the experimenter but by those of the instructors.
A1C1, A2C2, and A3C3); and they did not respond (no-go) in the presence of stimulus pairs whose components belonged to different classes (i.
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