A2C2SArmy Airborne Command and Control System
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The weight of the A2C2S also was a problem, at about 1,500 pounds.
What makes this program attractive, he added, is that much of the technology already had been developed at NRL for the A2C2S.
The Army plans to spend $240 million during the next five years to build more than one hundred A2C2S.
As a maneuver commander's command post, the A2C2S could support a corps, a division or a brigade.
We are pleased that the Naval Research Laboratory has chosen Excalibur to deliver the vital information associated with the development of the A2C2S," said Pat Condo, president & chief executive officer of Excalibur Technologies.
As one of the world's largest users of information technology, we applaud the Navy's resolute commitment to utilize advanced technologies such as RetrievalWare that will contribute to the success of major initiatives like the A2C2S.
A2C2S is a mission equipment package that transforms selected helicopters into airborne command posts.
A2C2S supported the 4th Infantry Division during 18 months of combat in Iraq.
The company anticipates that additional A2C2S systems will be funded in fiscal year 2005; approximately 120 systems could be fielded to the Army during the program's lifetime.
A2C2S equips selected Army UH-60L Blackhawk helicopters with a mission equipment package that transforms them into airborne command posts.
A2C2S is part of the Army's plan to digitize its Third Corps (First Digitized Corps) followed by its remaining corps, divisions and separate units.
Design specifications for A2C2S call for five reconfigurable/removable user stations and two large common displays that allow a commander and his staff to obtain situational awareness and C2 data through host-selected Army Battle Command System software programs and C4I digital connectivity.