A2C2SArmy Airborne Command and Control System
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The technical key to getting such a capability for the EUH-60L is communications, according to A2C2S systems engineer Dave Stamm.
The A2C2S currently consists of five workstations, large-screen displays, and two communications-equipment racks that can be installed in or removed from a UH-60 Black Hawk, allowing the helicopter to conduct ([C.
Raytheon (McKinney, TX) was selected by the Army in 2001 to develop the A2C2S but was then asked to provide aircraft for rapid deployment to meet urgent operational needs.
The weight of the A2C2S also was a problem, at about 1,500 pounds.
What makes this program attractive, he added, is that much of the technology already had been developed at NRL for the A2C2S.
The lab had been involved in the A2C2S program for several years and built the first two prototypes.
As a maneuver commander's command post, the A2C2S could support a corps, a division or a brigade.
In A2C2S, one 130-pound box replaces six full-size computers.
1 million contract to begin the design and development of a production-version of A2C2S.
As one of the world's largest users of information technology, we applaud the Navy's resolute commitment to utilize advanced technologies such as RetrievalWare that will contribute to the success of major initiatives like the A2C2S.
The A2C2S is the focal point of aviation demonstrations until the Longbow and Comanche arrive as the aircraft.
To receive the maximum return from the limited avionics budget, better coupling is desired among the AMPS, A2C2S, Aviation Tactical Operating Center (AVTOC) and aircrew and operation simulation efforts.