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A2D offers a combination of services and technology that reduces time to search for and locate well log information, allows customers to streamline key business processes and eliminates the need to re-collect or re-build information from past projects.
ChevronTexaco currently uses A2D products and services to manage the well log data assets of its Gulf of Mexico business units.
com/Addicted2DANCEDANCEACADEMY For more information on A2D Cheerleading phone 07907324876.
uk Diva Fever Dance group at the Community Arts Day at Northfield Hall and, below: the A2D All Stars cheerleaders 280514MNORTHFIELD_01
A2D Cheer & Dance Academy has scooped up 17 trophies at a competition in Leceister.
Under the agreement, a joint A2D and UzbekGeofizika project team based in Tashkent will index and scan the country's hardcopy log assets.
She added: "The cheerleaders have moved over and have been renamed A2D All-Stars in preparation for their up and coming competition on November 17.
A2D Homes, A2D South, A2D Housing Options Limited, Kingsbridge Residential Limited and A2DominionGroup Limited (the ~Contracting Authorities~) sought expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced contractors in order to be able to select two (2) contractors to enter into a joint venture with the Contracting Authorities to manage the delivery of responsive maintenance and voids repairs works to be carried out by the joint ventures, to the Contracting Authorities~ properties and those properties managed by the Contracting Authorities on behalf of others; and to procure goods and materials via their supply chain for their respective joint ventures (~the Programme~).
Well log data is available for conversion, sourcing, management and immediate delivery through TGS subsidiary, A2D Technologies.
LIMA, Peru -- TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company's wholly-owned subsidiary A2D Technologies announces that it has signed an exclusive five year agreement to convert Peru's legacy and new-release well log data to industry standard formats and make it commercially available online.
A2D Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is the energy industry's well log data marketplace offering the largest online database, immediate delivery, conversion services, data management services and worldwide well log data sourcing.
HOUSTON -- A2D Technologies, a TGS-NOPEC Company, has surpassed 3.