A2FAccess to Finance (International Finance Corporation)
A2FActs 2 Fellowship (Christian group; University of California, Berkeley)
A2FGrumman Intruder Attack Bomber, later A6
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Later, a presentation was given on A2F Survey Report that the survey was carried out in all four provinces based on views of 10,626 men and women.
This 2nd A2F Survey was carried out by Horus Development Finance, International consulting company together with local partner Gallup Pakistan.
The current and previous survey results are available on A2F portal at www.
The A2FS 2015 results show that access to financial services has significantly increased in Pakistan since 2008, with 16% of the adult population now having access to a bank account (including mobile wallets), improving from 11% in 2008.
The main focus has been the piloting of formalized group angel investing in the Caribbean: EPIC A2F has provided hands-on coaching and technical assistance to support the development of the Caribbean's first three organized angel groups - two in Jamaica (First Angels Jamaica and Alpha O Angels) and one in Barbados (Trident).
Supplementing the supply-side efforts with angel investors, EPIC A2F has engaged the demand side with early-stage entrepreneurs, providing training to entrepreneurs on how to effectively raise capital from angels and early-stage financiers.
In addition to angel investing, EPIC A2F has researched the potential of crowdfunding as another source of non-traditional financing in the Caribbean.
The ratings of the class A1, A2V, and A2F notes address the likelihood that investors will receive full and timely payments of interest, as per the governing documents, as well as the aggregate outstanding amount of principal by the stated maturity date.
A2F increases productivity by locating and retrieving files and applications instantly, without the user having to know the location of the server, drive, directory or folder.
Cypress to Demonstrate A2F at the PeopleSoft 2000 Conference:
Cypress Corporation, the leader in Knowledge Delivery Architecture solutions, today announced the availability of the Cypress A2F module (Active Authoring Functionality) with the release of Version 3.
Besides digital video cameras, the card is also becoming popular in smart phones such as the Nokia 9110 Communicator and in Internet music players including the Pontis Mplayer 3, the LG Electronics A1F and A2F MP3 players, the Maycom Merit MP player and the DNA Pocket Digital Audio MP3 player.