A2KAccess 2000
A2KAccess 2000 (Microsoft database application)
A2KAble to Know
A2KAgency 2000 (State Farm Insurance)
A2KAccess 2 Knowledge (Art and Heart In the Information Age)
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CSI Global Services and PhoenxPLM will remain separate entities from A2K Technologies.
Part of the opposition to TRIPs is evident in the development of narratives of appropriation in which the uses of resources of the South are characterized as misappropriation or even 'biopiracy.'" (footnote omitted)); Kapczynski, supra note 6, at 824-28 (discussing how the A2K groups mobilized to contest aspects of the TRIPS Agreement, such as exclusive rights in seed stocks and medicines needed in developing nations); see also Jane C.
Guy Pessach, Symposium, The International Intellectual Property Regime Complex: The Role of Libraries In A2K: Taking Stock And Looking Ahead, 2007 MICH.
for the new A2K mobilization and its apparent successes?
ActionAid has gone further to characterise current copyright law as leading to "excessive pricing, limited adaptability and unavailability of suitable learning materials" in the 'South' and hence adding its voice to the "access to knowledge" (a2k) campaign (ActionAid).
The Draft A2K Treaty, and its rejection of any expansion of copyright-protectable categories (including those necessary to include previously excluded voices, such as works reflecting traditional knowledge), (l68) seems to be similarly based on the assumption that reducing copyright protection will open the expanded "cultural commons" to a broader playing field.
Today, the 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)--and, more recently, the draft of a proposed Access to Knowledge Treaty (A2K)--promote an international legal regime that would reward traditional knowledge holders for their role in preserving biodiversity and ancient knowledge--that is, for their role in preserving the public domain.
Instead, the principal move towards encoding open source/open access models into law in the international arena has been framed in terms of "access to knowledge," or "A2K," and has been focused on influencing the WIPO development agenda towards an A2K treaty.
Knowledge, or A2K. The draft treaty brings to the table free culture