A2KAccess 2000 (Microsoft database application)
A2KAble to Know
A2KAgency 2000 (State Farm Insurance)
A2KAccess 2 Knowledge (Art and Heart In the Information Age)
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Additionally, the A2K movement recognizes that intellectual property rights can be abused and demands clarity about which licensing practices qualify as such (94).
The A2K movement is a very ambitious movement, often underestimating current political realities.
CSI Global Services and PhoenxPLM will remain separate entities from A2K Technologies.
Professional technology and solutions experts AEC Systems, KarelCAD and ADA CADPartners have merged to form A2K Technologies.
First, it offers an account of the A2K mobilization and shows why this
By examining the evolution of the A2K mobilization, we can see
Discussion concerning the proposed A2K treaty was spearheaded by Argentina and Brazil at a 2004 WIPO General Assembly.
mechanism for donating works to the Third World, A2K suggests a
The program covers a gamut of topics including economics and measurements of A2K, copyright and licensing, the role of libraries, and A2K in various subject areas.
Contractor name : OSAE[pounds sterling]HING A2K SPORT
Coupled with these is the A2K item-bank, which is aligned to our state standards and provides teachers, students and parents with vital progress monitoring data for instructional decision-making and extended curricular support.
An industry-leading solutions, training, consulting and management expert in design technology, A2K Technologies, has become the first certified Autodesk PLM 360 Advisor in Australia.