A2KAccess 2000 (Microsoft database application)
A2KAble to Know
A2KAgency 2000 (State Farm Insurance)
A2KAccess 2 Knowledge (Art and Heart In the Information Age)
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CSI Global Services and PhoenxPLM will remain separate entities from A2K Technologies.
Professional technology and solutions experts AEC Systems, KarelCAD and ADA CADPartners have merged to form A2K Technologies.
First, it offers an account of the A2K mobilization and shows why this
By examining the evolution of the A2K mobilization, we can see
Discussion concerning the proposed A2K treaty was spearheaded by Argentina and Brazil at a 2004 WIPO General Assembly.
A section of the A2K draft treaty on digital rights management (DRM) would significantly weaken permissible restrictions on circumvention of DRM and technological protection measures (TPM).
mechanism for donating works to the Third World, A2K suggests a
305) A2K would condition the granting of a patent upon
I have to have supreme confidence in what I go out there and use," said Wright of his switch to the A2K back in spring training.
Already an Autodesk Platinum Partner in Australia and the biggest channel partner in the ANZ region, this designation further boost the Autodesk credentials of A2K Technologies.
The celebration of the millennium is called A2K "Austin On the Verge.
AUSTIN) A2K Austin 'On The Verge' of a Star-Studded Millennium New Year's