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This proposed project will investigate current information related to installation practices as well as servicing and handling aspects for all equipment that use A2, A2L and A3 refrigerants.
Baseline and Alternative Refrigerant Data ASHRAE GWP, (a) GWP, (a) Refrigerant Safety AR4 AR5 Class (c) R-22 unit R-22 (Baseline) (a) A1 1810 1760 N-20B (b) A1 988 904 DR-3 (b) A2L 148 146 ARM-20B (b) A2L 251 251 L-20A (R-444B) (b) A2L 295 295 DR-93 (b) A1 1258 1153 Propane (R-290) A3 3 3 R-410A unit R-410A (Baseline) (a) A1 2088 1924 ARM-71A (b) A2L 460 461 R-32 (a) A2L 675 677 DR-55 (b) A2L 698 676 L41-2 (R-447A) (b) A2L 583 572 HPR-2A (b) A2L 600 593 (a) Sources: IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) Assessment Report AR4 (IPCC 2007), IPCC AR5 (IPCC 2013) (b) GWP values for refrigerant blends not included in IPCC reports are calculated as a weighted average using manufacturer-supplied compositions.
With litigation at the core of more than 10,000 cases supported in the company's 17-year history, there is a deep well of knowledge and techniques that the A2L team has amassed.
Specifically made for Apple, the A2L 3-axis accelerometer shares the same silicon dies with the LIS3DH but is packaged in a smaller 2.
If A2Ls prove difficult to implement because of standards and codes, blends like XP10 appear attractive, being non-flammable with lower GWPs and having similar capacities and efficiencies to R134a.
8220;A2L Consulting is thrilled to be recognized again as a top performer,” said Ken Lopez, CEO and Founder of A2L.
com)-- A2L Consulting, an award-winning litigation consulting firm providing litigation graphics, trial technology, and jury research services, announced today the addition of patent attorney and litigator Ryan H.
Q1: What can we learn from Europe and Japan on applying A2L refrigerants?
D2Y60 is a binary mixture of R32 and R1234YF with GWP of around 300 and belongs to A2L safety group.
com)-- A2L Consulting released today the latest update in it's e-book series - an insider look at behind-the-scenes tips targeted towards anyone involved in litigation support, litigation preparation and trial presentation.
25 million class A2L floating-rate notes, `BBB` to the $30.
The Board of Directors have approved $3,790,400 for research projects and grants-in-aid payments for fiscal year 2016-2017, but a large portion of this amount has already been committed to the approximately 56 active projects already under way and three projects being developed for an expedited A2L & A3 refrigerant research effort that has been undertaken in partnership with AHRTI, DOE and others.