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AMP is uniquely positioned to meet such communication requirements, as it offers the benefits of IM as a complementary channel to the traditional strengths of SMS for A2P messaging".
With more enterprises turning to the mobile channel to better serve customers, VeriSign Mobile Enterprise Services (VMES) responded to the growing interest in A2P enterprise applications as evident by an 88 percentyear-over-year growth rate of messages delivered through its network while financial services in particular drove a 63 percent increase in messaging traffic from Q1 2008 to Q1 2009.
Here, E3P is the presently used conventional system for under-prepared surfaces with a micaceous iron oxide (MIO) undercoat, whereas A2P is a two-coat system without an undercoat.
A2P, founded in 2003, is a business partner of USA Boxing -- this country's governing body for amateur boxing -- and has legendary trainer Emanuel Steward on board.
Following our initial meeting, our partners have joined us on conference calls to develop a framework for the A2P Program.
net, a global leader in A2P text messaging solutions with over 5000 clients worldwide, has made its marquee service, Bulletin Messenger VI, available directly through the Chrome Web Store from Google Chrome.
The research report studies the A2P SMS market in absolute detail and provides an overview of its structure.
In the coming week, forge by Acision will introduce its first fully self-service developer portal, providing instant access to the forge SDK, APIs and A2P messaging services.
net, a global leader in A2P text messaging solutions with over 5000 clients worldwide, today launched Messenger VI, the latest edition of its marquee service which allows both individuals and organizations of all sizes to connect with mobile consumers via SMS.
Global A2P SMS traffic is poised to grow 63% from 1.
The impact of grey route traffic is such that mobile operators measured by AdaptiveMobile around the globe are not claiming on average $5 million per year each in lost A2P messaging revenue.