A2WAccess 2 Watersports (Covenham Watersports Association; UK)
A2WANSI to Wide (macro)
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A2W is a part of Queen Alexandra College, which has supported people with disabilities in Birmingham for more than a century.
Within the Alviso complex, we sampled six ponds follows: pond A9 (intake pond), ponds A2E, A10, A11, and A12 (interior ponds), and pond A2W (outlet pond).
Group 1 was composed entirely of ponds (A10, B2, B6C, A11, A2E, A12, B4, B5, and B7) whereas Group 2 was composed of a mix of ponds (A2W, A9, and B1) and sloughs (Old Alameda Creek Flood Control Channel, Coyote Hills Slough, Stevens Creek, Alviso Slough, and Coyote Creek).
Nevertheless, differences between species assemblages in ponds and sloughs were subtle because several ponds (e.g., A2W, A9, and B1) were clustered with the sloughs.