A3AAmicale des Amateurs d'Automobiles Anciennes (French: Friendly Old Car Lovers)
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When we look at the data on the level of individual publications and not categorical variables (Figures A2, A3a, A3b, and A4), one can observe a high degree of similarity in the language used by Haberturk, Milliyet, Sabah, Vatan, Hurriyet, Posta, Karar, Turkiye, Star, Milat, Yeni Akit, and Yeni Safak to cover the crisis.
Class A3a XS0271529967: affirmed at 'A+sf', Outlook Stable
Espacios experimentales seleccionados (A3a y A3b), Ala Norte (N)--orientacion (N-S)
(A3a) f (., y) is sequencially upper semicontinuous on C with every fixed y [member of] C, i.e., [mathematical expression not reproducible] for each sequence {[x.sub.n]} C C converging strongly to x.
Experimental results show that our algorithm is faster than SVM-CS on five out of the six datasets (a3a, acoustic, ijcnn1, letter, and satimage) and is only slower than SVM-CS on news20.
La segunda fibula, del estrato A3a, Fase VI de La Fonteta (Gonzalez, 2014), fue datada en la primera mitad del s.
Geocoded household incomes in study firms averaged from $44,000 to $63,700 with an overall mean of $52,500 across all firms in the first year (Table A3a).
In a1a, a2a, a3a, and as a4a datasets, the size of the negative instances is about double that of the positive instances.
Third best--and still outstanding--is block A (with sub-blocks Al, A3A and A3B.) Shifflett produces Cabernet Sauvignon here: for example, Selection 337 on rootstock 1103P in sub-block Al.