A3AAmicale des Amateurs d'Automobiles Anciennes (French: Friendly Old Car Lovers)
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Ivory Wave has already been blamed for one death this year and A3A has been singled out for causing temporary pychosis attacks which can last for days.
A3A officials could not be reached for comment Monday.
A quick search of online sellers by Wales on Sunday found one of the new substances, A3A, going for as little as pounds 5 a gram, while M3ow, an alternative to illegal mephedrone, which was known as meow meow, selling for pounds 17 a gram.
2 billion, senior classes A1A ($750 million), A2A ($750 million) and A3A ($500 million) and 1.
426,462,302 classes A1A, A1B, A2A, A2B, A3A, A3B, A-PO and A-IO senior certificates 'AAA';
5 million classes A1A, A2A, A2B, A3A, 3IO, A4A, 4IO, A134B, A5A, A5B and R senior notes 'AAA';