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A3DAureal 3-Dimensional (computer sound chip; Aureal Semiconductor, Inc.)
A3DAdvanced 3-Dimensional Audio
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In fiscal year 2012, Embassy Manila will take A3D to three new cities and experiment with new ways to advertise the event, increase audience size and add technologies that can enhance engagement.
A3D, del grupo Antena 3 TV, hasta su desaparicion fue una de las teletiendas con mas aceptacion por parte del publico, conto con mas de 900.
More than 300 former Navy fliers are gathering this weekend to talk about old times and the plane they loved and sometimes feared: the A3D Skywarrior, otherwise known as ``The Whale'' - for its vast size and bulbous shape - or ``A3D - All Three Dead'' - because it had no ejection seats.
Claro que, a cambio de contar con menos herramientas para hacer a nuestro gusto los efectos de sonido, la ventaja enorme es que juegos que solo soportan A3D (como Quake3) pueden ser reproducidos ahora en toda su gloria con esta tarjeta, lo cual las SoundBlaster no pueden hacer.
Crunchfish has opened up new horizons in gesture recognition solutions for mobile devices with its Touchless A3D platform.
The Vought F8U Crusader, McDonnell F3H Demon, Douglas F4D Skyray, Grumman F11F Tiger, McDonnell F4H Phantom, North American A5A (later RA-5C) Vigilante, and the Douglas A3D Skywarrior.
A3D stag's head sculpture sits above a fire at one end of the bar while anglepoise lamps dangle from the ceiling at the other.
Led by its teleshopping division A3D, diversified activities already accounted for 15% of A3's total sales in 1999.
Lot 1 Graf Allee Railway for A3D Wehrhahnlinie The existing fixed guyed single contact line is replaced by a post-tensioned high catenary.
This, then, was the pattern of USN development: first, develop the AJ-1 and design a successor jet-only bomber (the A3D Skywarrior); simultaneously, modify the three Midways so they could operate the AJ-1; and third, design a new carrier built expressly for an aircraft with the weight and performance characteristics of the A3D.
Either way, the Philips connects (and takes its power) via USB and can handle DVD soundtracks in Dolby Digital or DTS, games soundtracks in DS3D, EAX or A3D and standard two-channel music.
An A3D returning from a night training hop crossed the ramp of an attack carrier with the meatball right on the money.