A3IAcceleration Architecture Acquisition Initiative
A3IAccelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative
A3IAny 3 Initials (band)
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Role specification in HLPSL for the server Sj of our scheme role server(Ui,Sj:agent, SK1: symmetric_key, H:hash_func, Bilinear,Subtract,Add,Product,Mul:hash_func, Snd,Rcv: channel(dy)) played_by Sj def= local State : nat, IDi,PWi,Bi, Ri, Pi, PBi, A1i, A3i, G, D, Qd, CIDi, HPWi, B2, Ru, Rs, SK:text, NIDi, A2i, Ti, SIDj, B1, B3, T1, T3:message, Inc: hash_func const user_server,server_user,subs1,subs2,subs3, subs4,subs5,subs6,subs7:protocol_id init State:=0 transition 1.State=0[??]Rcv(start)=|> State':=1 [??]SIDj':=new()[??]D':=new()[??]G': =new() [??]Qd':=Product(D',G') [??]secret({D},subs5,{Sj}) 2.
The secrecy_of subs4 represents that the parameter A3i is known only to {Ui, Sj}.
The new A3i Line fills at a rate of 15,000 litres per hour, more that double the rate of older filling machines, allowing Milk Link to significantly improve efficiencies at Crediton.
Milk Link, one of the UK's leading integrated dairy businesses, has completed a 1.5 million [pounds sterling] investment programme at its Crediton long life milk processing facility with the installation of an advanced A3i Line Tetra Square high speed filler.