A3PAmerican Third Position (political party)
A3PAdaptive Antenna Array Processor
A3PAdvanced Avionic Architecture & Policy
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A analise do ambiente foco do estudo e a construcao da solucao de sustentabilidade que serao apresentados no artigo foram elaborados utilizando como estudo de caso a Universidade Federal da Integracao Latino-Americana (UNILA), tendo como um dos propositos a futura conquista do selo de sustentabilidade fornecido pelo A3P. A UNILA, que foi criada em 2010 pela Lei 12.189, e uma instituicao publica de ensino de natureza juridica autarquica, vinculada ao Ministerio da Educacao, com sede e foro na cidade de Foz do Iguacu, Estado do Parana.
look at French with a new attitude and to raise our expectations." Another said she encouraged teachers to "re-evaluate, adapt and improve" and reported being "astounded at the comfort level [and] level of French being taught" in the school (A3P).
Pensando en esta cuestion, el Ministerio de Medio Ambiente propuso en 1999, la Agenda Ambiental de la Administracion Publica (A3P) que tiene por objeto impulsar el gobierno federal a incluir criterios ambientales en licitaciones publicas.
Australians blow and wipe their way through over 195 000 tonnes of tissue and toilet paper a year, but only 3.1% of this is made from recycled paper, according to figures from the Australian Plantation Products and Paper Industry Council (A3P).
Their average greenhouse gas emissions for 2002 to 2004 were 121 million metric tonnes (DOE 2002, Environment Canada 2004, CEPI 2005, 2006, JPA 2006, A3P 2005).
Table 1: Nomenclature of paint systems Component paints Nomenclature of the paint systems Primer Undercoat Finish coat A2P INP-zinc -- IPN topcoat phosphate A3P IPN-zinc IPN-MIO IPN topcoat phosphate E3P Epoxy-zinc Epoxy-MIO PU topcoat phosphate A2PC IPN-zinc -- IPN-clearcoat phosphate E2PC Epoxy-zinc -- Epoxy-clearcoat phosphate
The planetarium, a 75-seat, domed lecture theatre, features a Spitz A3P planetarium projector, the same model as Nasa used to train the Apollo astronauts for landing on the Moon ( Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins who is, as Eva points out, "the one who everybody forgets".
For example, a star with a spectral type shown as A1V+O71 would be rejected, as would a designation of A3p, or K2II/III.