A4PAction for Paradise (Germany)
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Alltel Wireless (NYSE:AT), a wireless network provider, announced on Friday (5 October) the launch of the AIRTIME - Manager's A4P application.
The A4P application, which is now available for free during a 14-day trial period, allows business professionals using BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphones to increase productivity.
These themes were incorporated into the A4P which is hence guiding the focus of strategic support for development partners.
Alltel Wireless, America's largest network, providing coverage across the nation, today announced that AIRTIME - Manager's A4P, an application that enables users to capture mobile time, events and expenses, is now available for free during a 14-day trial period.
The A4P application allows business professionals using BlackBerry and Windows Mobile smartphones to increase productivity by using their wireless device to record time spent on business phone calls, emails and other activity and automatically posting the entries to back-office accounting systems.
The A4P application provides professionals with the ability to efficiently manage their clients' expectations by keeping track of expenses and time spent on projects.
We believe that the completion of patient accrual in this Phase II clinical trial is another significant milestone in the clinical advancement of Combretastatin A4P," commented Frederick Driscoll, President and Chief Executive Officer at OXiGENE.
The Phase II clinical trial, which received clearance to commence in December 2004, is a randomized, open-label trial designed to evaluate the triple combination of Combretastatin A4P, carboplatin and paclitaxel in patients with solid tumors.
The Company will evaluate its lead clinical candidate, Combretastatin A4P (CA4P), in combination with concurrent chemoradiotherapy, a widely accepted standard in the United States for the treatment of patients with all histological types of unresectable Stage IIIa/IIIb NSCLC.
The A4P Version 3 release builds on patent-pending technology that posts wireless calls and emails to a firm's accounting system in as little as one click on the handheld device.
Its predecessor, A4P Version 2 introduced time-saving features such as "Matter Memory", a feature that remembers the association between a client contact and a chronology of previously-billed matters.
NASDAQ: OXGN, XSSE: OXGN), a leading developer of biopharmaceutical compounds designed to treat cancer and certain ophthalmologic diseases, today announced it received regulatory clearance in the United Kingdom to commence its first Phase III clinical trial with its lead product candidate, Combretastatin A4P (CA4P).