AA1Alopecia Areata 1
AA1Adaptive Algorithm 1 (computer science)
AA1Ambient Aerosol 1
AA1Acrosomal Autoantigen 1
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AA1 Lender was able to have a loan still in processing while working on the CD.
Changes of circumstances (COC) were being pushed through a new disclosure desk at AA1 Lender that started with Oct.
The handoff from processing to closing is tricky at AA1 Lender, as discussed earlier, where a loan does not need a CTC in order to issue the CD to the borrower.
AA1 Lender recognized that staff meetings during this time needed to be very organized to minimize the stress by keeping an eye on success.
AA1 Lender divided the closing team into specialized groups.
AA1 Lender decided to assign a project manager to engage the settlement agents and title insurers, and narrow down the list of steps needed to collect information for the Closing Disclosure.
AA1 Lender wasn't prepared for the constant barrage of questions and neither were the managers.
At AA1 Lender, the process changed to meet the execution strategy, with a backup plan.
In the end, the post-closing quality-control audits revealed important information for The Bank and AA1 Lender.