AAA Caadministered as active absorbable algal calcium
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In a follow-up study, the researchers reported that, in addition to increasing BMD and preventing fracture, AAA Ca, but not calcium carbonate, appeared to inhibit new occurrence of vertebral deformity and fracture, and to decrease body fat content (7).
Research: The effect of active absorbable algal calcium (AAA Ca) with collagen and other matrix components on aging-associated skin changes and backache and joint pain was tested in a case-controlled study of 40 test subjects and 40 age-matched control subjects (mean age, 65 years) complaining of backache and knee joint pain due to osteoarthritis, spondylosis deformans, and/or osteoporosis.
Results: Supplementation with 900 mg calcium (given as AAA Ca) and 3.5 g collagen and other matrix components, including glucosamine daily for four months, resulted in a marked alleviation of subjective pain assessed by the face scale.