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AAAAAmerican Association of Advertising Agencies
AAAAArmy Aviation Association of America
AAAABattery Size
AAAAAmerican Association for Affirmative Action
AAAAAmerican Academy of Adoption Attorneys (Washington, DC)
AAAAAustralian Automotive Aftermarket Association
AAAAAmerican Association of Amateur Astronomers
AAAAAlliance for Aviation Across America (Washington, DC)
AAAAAlbuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
AAAAAsociación Argentina Amigos de la Astronomía (founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1929)
AAAAAssociation of American Advertising Agencies (New York, NY)
AAAAAuthentication, Authorization, Accounting and Auditing (remote access security approach that controls network access)
AAAAAerial Agricultural Association of Australia
AAAAAssociated Actors and Artistes of America
AAAAAlamo Area Aquatic Association (San Antonio, TX)
AAAAAssociation of Area Agencies on Aging
AAAAAtlanta Area Aquarium Association
AAAAAsian Academic Accounting Association
AAAAAsian American Arts Alliance
AAAAAssociation for Applied Animal Andrology
AAAAAsian Amateur Athletic Association
AAAAAlways Afloat Always Accessible (shipping)
AAAAAkron Area Arts Alliance (Ohio)
AAAAAmerican Association Against Acronyms :-)
AAAAAssociation of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia
AAAAAfrican American Adoption Agency (Roseville, MN)
AAAAAmerican Association for the Advancement of Atheism
AAAAAssociation of Accredited Advertising Agencies
AAAAAmerican Academy of Anesthesiologists Assistants
AAAAAmateur Athletic Association of America
AAAAAnonymous Acronym Abuse Association
AAAAAntique Advertising Association of America (Petersburg, IL)
AAAAArrowhead Area Agency on Aging (Duluth, MN)
AAAAAmerican Association of Amateur Arborists
AAAAAroostook Area Agency on Aging (Maine)
AAAAAustralian Association of Advertising Agencies
AAAAAmicale Azuréenne des Amateurs d'Alpine (French car club)
AAAAAdvanced Architectures for Airborne Arrays
AAAAArizona Academic Administrators Association
AAAAAmerican Academy Alumni Association, Inc.
AAAAAjax Antique Arms Association (Ajax, ON, Canada)
AAAAAlabama Accumulated Adjustment Account (Alabama Income Tax Form 20S)
AAAAAjoittain Aivokuollut Ajanvietto Armeija (Finnish: Occasionally Brain-dead Pastime Army; gaming clan, BF1942)
AAAAAssociation Amie de l'Automobile Ancienne (French vintage automobile association)
AAAAAll Ateneo Alumni Alliance (Ateneo de Naga University)
AAAAAtelier Accessoires Automobiles Anciennes (French: Old Automobiles Accessories Workshop; auto parts manufacturer; Beychac-et-Caillau, France)
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Through successful programs such as the American Association of Advertising Agencies' Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP) and through generous scholarship support from the AAAA Foundation and others, scores of African-American, Latino and Asian-American young professionals have joined the advertising industry in both creative and account management positions.
The advertising industry gets a look this week at the first independent national TV advertising expenditure database based on real costs, here at the AAAA 2004 Media Conference and Trade Show, Feb.
Representatives from the ANA and AAAA will participate in the next meeting of the ITA Interactive Advertising Guidelines Steering Committee next week in New York.
AAAA membership comprises approximately 450 advertising and marketing communications agencies with more than 3,000 offices throughout the U.
In their brief, the ANA, AAF and AAAA urge the Court to reverse the California Supreme Court's decision by finding that Nike's advertisements and other statements are fully protected by the First Amendment.
The award became an AAAA award in 1991 with sponsorship by TRW Aeronautical Systems.
The O'Toole Award competition earmarks its proceeds for the AAAA Foundation, Inc.
Jon Mandel, chairman of the AAAA National Television and Radio Committee and an executive with the ad firm MediaComm Inc.
This endowment supports worthy candidates selected by the AAAA Scholarship Foundation in pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in aerospace or related technical fields.
All agencies elected to AAAA membership must pass through a rigorous application process, including a close examination of client references, financial integrity and industry reputation.