AAAAAAmerican Association Against Acronym Abuse
AAAAAAssociation Amicale des Amateurs d'Andouillettes Authentiques (used to qualify an andouillette, French cooked pork meat)
AAAAAAmicale Athoise des Amateurs d'Automobiles Anciennes (French: Ath Friendly Lovers of Vintage Cars; Ath, Belgium)
AAAAAAHo's Amazing Atlas of Antibody Anatomy
AAAAAAmerican Association Against Alliteration Abuse (humor)
AAAAAAssociation Amicale des Anciens d'Air Alpes (French airline, Chambéry, France)
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CQ/IOD/A or AAAAA Initiating system CQ/IOD CQ/SP/IOD A AAAAA Conversion 10.13 91.73 92.05 30.77 Rate (a) (%) Rp (b) (J/s x mol) 178.01 3,333.80 3,719.32 1,895.08 CQ/IOD/ GorGGGGG CQ/IOD/SorSSSSS Initiating system G GGGGG S SSSSS Conversion 84.85 25.79 48.93 23.39 Rate (a) (%) Rp (b) (J/s x mol) 2,412.97 1,625.68 1,830.05 651.78 CQ/IOD/ YorYYYYY Initiating system Y YYYYY Conversion 17.90 28.56 Rate (a) (%) Rp (b) (J/s x mol) 423.02 827.12 (a) Denoted the conversion rate at 2.5 min.
If "From Aaaaa! to ZZZap!" refers broadly to cognition and culture, it also refers to artistic precedent.
el coeficiente de variaciAaAaAeA[sup.3]n de la inflaciAaAaAeA[sup.3]n y el crecimiento del para el conjunto de economAaAaAeA-as latinoamericanas estudiadas por aAaAa Como se puede observar, la variabilidad de la inflaciAaAaAeA[sup.3]n disminuyAaAaAe forma significativa y generalizada a partir de mediados de los noventa, siendo 1 995 el aAaAaAeA[+ or -]o del quiebr
The Greek proverb aaaA aAaO, aAaaA aAaCaaAtaAaA literally means ggood life, poor willsh.
RIP Hrithik Roshan - AA[currency]AAA[paragraph] AAAAA..
FIGURE 6: Space map under the benchmark sequence "abcd." Space A Sequence Binary Position aaaaa 0000000000 0 aaaab 0000000001 1 aaaac 0000000010 2 aaaad 0000000011 3 *** *** *** *** *** *** bdaca 0111001000 456 *** *** *** *** *** *** ddddc 1111111110 1022 ddddd 1111111111 1023 Frequency table Code Frequency element 2 a 1 b 1 c 1 d Space B Sequence Ordinal a a b c d 0 a a b d c 1 a a c b d 2 *** *** bdaca 34 *** *** d c a b a 58 d c b a a 59
Peter says, "Aaaaa," and then, "Look, it is on its way to the snow!" Finally, Oliver's sledge has reached the snow.
This was followed by a 125ms presentation of one of four stimuli (a string of five letters in the form of 'HHHHH', 'AAAAA, 'HHAHH', or 'AAHAA') that were presented as images 1.5 cm x 6 cm on the monitor.
"When you hear the title of the exhibition, it is a sort of 'aaaaa', a sharp intake of breath.
aAaAA cameraman and an assistant cameraman from the Syrian al-Ekhbaria Satellite Channel were among the injured persons.
NORTHBORO - Justin Moyer, a sixth-grade student at Melican Middle School, received special honors on March 2 at the Krane AAAAA Karate banquet, held in Warwick, R.I.