AAABAsociación de Ateos y Agnósticos de Bogotá (Spanish: Association of Atheists and Agnostics of Bogotá; Bogota, Colombia)
AAABAsian American Advisory Board (Northwestern University)
AAABAsian Academy of Applied Business
AAABAdmiralty Bancorp Inc.
AAABAll American Alien Boy (Ian Hunter song)
AAABAccounting Alumni Advisory Board (University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown; Johnstown, PA)
AAABAmis des Automobiles Anciennes des Baous (French: Friends of Vintage Cars Baous; Vence, France)
AAABAuthentication, Authorization, and Accounting Broker
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AAAB is here to help you stay fresh and continue the growth in your cross-cultural business adventure in a productive way.
Among the hybrid banana plants, higher pest infestations were reported on PA 9401 (AAAB), BRS Tropical (AAAB), BRS Victoria (AAAB), Bucaneiro (AAAB), and YB 4203 (AAAB) (coefficient of infestation =10) (Table 1).
All three tasks used patterns with two attributes changed, moving from an AAAB pattern to an AAAAB pattern.
Plant regeneration system via somatic embryogenesis in the hybrid cultivar FHIA-21 (Musa sp., AAAB group).
Los haplotipos de las proteinas k-CN y BLG presentaron efectos estadisticamente significativos sobre %ST,%PT,%GS y %CN (P<0,05) (TABLA II), para el %ST los mayores valores se obtuvieron con los haplotipos AAAB, BBAA, BBAB, AABB y ABAB, mientras que los porcentajes menores se observaron en ABAA, ABBB y BBBB siendo estas superadas en 10,7; 8,6 y 8,3% por la interaccion AAAB, respectivamente; las interacciones favorables para el mayor porcentaje de ST tambien resultaron ser las que presentaron el mayor %PT donde la interaccion AAAB supero en 12,98 y 10,40% a las genotipos ABAA y ABBB, respectivamente.
When reading the text, the first thing that struck me regarding the omissions was actually prosodic: as in other parts of the 2010 reconstruction, half-stanzas are cut, breaking up the famous (and famously clumsy, repetitive) Chester stanza form of aaab cccb; yet the text for the Slaughter pageant retains all but four lines of an awkward section consisting of two couplets and a cross-rhyme along with a few half-stanzas.
Aseptic axillary shoots of 'Preciosa' cultivar (AAAB) were rooted for 24 days in MS medium containing NAA (1mg x [l.sup.-1]) and agar (6g x [l.sup.-1]), and acclimatized for 120 days.
But organisers Action Against Business Crime (AAAB) said the database complied with data protection laws and said 99% of people logged would have their details removed after three years.
In the maze-change condition, after three trials in one maze the fourth trial occurred in a different maze (e.g., AAAB).
A past president of the Worcester State College AAAB, Mr.