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AAACAstronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee (US NSF)
AAACAfrican American Advisory Committee
AAACAll Aluminum Alloy Conductor (power transmission and distribution)
AAACAustralian Association of Agricultural Consultants
AAACAffirmative Action Advisory Committee
AAACAsian Association for Algorithms and Computation
AAACAmerican Academy of Ambulatory Care
AAACAcademic Affairs Advisory Committee (university)
AAACAvoid At All Costs
AAACAustralian Aboriginal Affairs Council
AAACAuthentication, Authorization, Accounting, and Charging
AAACAmerica Alliance Authority and Compliance (US Department of Transportation)
AAACAfrican American Awareness Club
AAACAvery Aldridge Activity Center (Flint, Michigan)
AAACAnti-Armor Automatic Cannon
AAACAmerican Association of Automatic Control
AAACAcademic Achievement and Accountability Commission
AAACAteneo Alumni Association Canada (Ateneo de Naga University)
AAACAlliance for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (now Helping Autistic Persons Participate Independently through All Communication Techniques)
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NeoMass AAAC is a Tandem Mass Spectrometry Reagent for Expanded Newborn Screening Panel.
The AAAC, situated above a fast food outlet on 26 Bowery Street, was founded in 1974 as Asian American Dance Theatre.
Many of these individuals have been a part of the AAAC family for years and have obtained additional certifications and memberships.
KABUL (PAN): The Afghan Analytical and Advisory Centre (AAAC) on Monday called on the international community to pursue Taliban militants, their supporters and hideouts in neighbouring Pakistan.
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Rochester, NY, January 01, 2012 --( A All Animal Control is pleased to announce that Aaron Baker, owner of A All Animal Control's Rochester office, has made AAAC's 2012 Certified Wildlife Professionals list along with 19 other individuals across the country.
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